Mahindra SUV Test Track (MSPT) unveiled before XUV700 launch

Akbar Merchant

Mahindra showed off a new SUV verification track before the world premiere of XUV700. This new track called Mahindra SUV Proving Track (MSPT) is located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, and will help Mahindra’s future development of all SUVs.

  • 20 dedicated tracks in the 454-acre facility

  • 55 kilometers from Mahindra Research Valley

  • There is also an internal gas station

Mahindra SUV Proving Track (MSPT): What is it?

Mahindra’s new SUV test track was built by Larsen and Tubro (L&T) and designed by IDIADA (Institutd’InvestigacióAplicada de l’Automòbil-Institute for Applied Automotive Research). This new 454-acre facility will also feature a 4X4 Center of Excellence developed specifically for off-roading. Not only will it be used for vehicle development, but it will also be open to enthusiasts next year.

MSPT is also only 55 kilometers away from Mahindra Research Valley near Chennai, which is where Mahindra carries out almost all vehicle development in India. This new track will help Mahindra Research Valley engineers conduct extensive testing of products and prepare for the certification process.

Mahindra SUV Proving Track (MSPT): more details

In addition to the 4X4 center, the 454-acre MSPT also has 20 dedicated race tracks. These include zero percent slope, high speed test, 43.7 degree parabolic tilt setting for higher neutral speed test. Vehicles on this track can reach speeds of more than 200 kilometers per hour on a straight highway.

  • In addition, a straight arrow road with a length of 2 kilometers, a width of 11 meters and a longitudinal gradient of zero was built for performance and taxi measurement.

  • A circular power platform with a diameter of 250 meters is used for vehicle dynamics development and evaluation.

  • Brake pads with 6 different surfaces and wet and dry tracks are used to test braking, ABS, ESP and TCS.

  • The general road durability track and the simulated city track are constructed to simulate the durability of public roads.

  • The Accelerated test track contains all imaginable bad roads, including potholes, undulations, Belgian roads, cobblestones, rumbles, and various washing boards and reducers.

  • MSPT can simulate rain, wading and splashing. In addition, it can also simulate indoor sandstorms.

  • MSPT also has a complete vehicle corrosion test facility with a humidity chamber.

  • The 4X4 Experience Center consists of the 4X4 Adventure track, which has more than 25 obstacles to test 4X4 and AWD vehicles.

  • An exclusive prototype workshop, a health center, and an administrative building that can accommodate more than 200 engineers complete the MSPT facilities.

  • Yes, MSPT has its own gas station.

Mahindra XUV700: Global debut today

Mahindra unveiled the new XUV700.Read the full text here.

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