Lexus India launches two new services

Sergius Barretto

There are only four dealers in India today, Japanese luxury brands Lexus It must be a niche player in our market. However, it has been expanding its business and plans to establish centers in four other cities.In addition, although it had only CBU when it started its Indian bureau, today it is assembled locally ES sedan And hopefully NX off-road vehicle Here.

In addition, Lexus also announced the launch of a new “service” brand called Lexus Life. Lexus Life will serve as the umbrella for all the company’s ownership plans, and today it details two such products contained therein; the Lexus Ownership Portfolio and Lexus Used Cars.

Lexus Ownership Portfolio

The Lexus ownership portfolio is a fusion of products ranging from services to finance. A regular maintenance package-called Pro Care Service-can also include general maintenance. They offer 3-year warranty periods of 30,000, 60,000 and 1,00,000 kilometers, but Lexus will provide customized options for mileage and warranty periods based on customer requirements.

A roadside assistance program is also provided, which will also include support for smaller issues such as tire problems and refueling. Extended warranty options include a 2-year warranty, which exceeds a 3-year OEM warranty and a vehicle that has aged up to 5 years.

Lexus will also provide insurance and customized financial services, which the company said will be very flexible based on conditions and will fund all cost of ownership including service packages and extended warranties.

Lexus used

Lexus will also provide certified second-hand Lexus vehicles. In addition to undergoing standard quality and safety inspections, you can also choose to purchase additional services from the Lexus ownership portfolio, such as extended warranty or service packs.

The used car business is very interesting. Lexus has a limited presence in India, so the number of used cars available may be very small. However, the company will view its second-hand business more as a means to manage the residual value of the car and help retain customers.

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