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In two Weibo posts, Lenovo teased the gaming shoulder key attachment for the upcoming Legion Y90 gaming phone, and revealed some information about the latter to complement a big leak earlier today. Sadly, the company didn’t specify whether the trigger is compatible with the current generation of Legion phones.

Regardless, these accessories have mechanical keys that mimic a gaming mouse and are rated for 3 million presses. Of course, triggers have low latency and are subject to custom mappings in various games.

Teaser poster from Weibo
Teaser poster from Weibo

Teaser poster from Weibo

In the case of the upcoming Legion Y90 phone, it will use an active air cooling system (read the built-in cooling fan), and the company is providing early test access to the phone. As far as we can tell, current owners of last year’s Legion phones are entitled to some goodies during the beta phase. Of course, beta testing is only available in China and registration is already open.

Last but not least, in the renders showing March 23, the phone’s lock screen has a readable date on it, which could hint at when we should expect the device’s launch.

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