Launched the BH series of pan-Indian license plates

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has launched a new vehicle registration mark-the Bharat series (BH series), which will bring much-needed relief to motorists who move from one state to another in India.Moss has Proposed this new pan-Indian vehicle registration series months ago. When the owner transfers from one state to another, the vehicle with the BH mark does not need to be re-registered.

  • Can be used by defense personnel, central and state governments, and some companies
  • Only two years of road tax at a time

BH series printing plates: availability and format

As stated in the MoRTH notice, the facility will be provided on a voluntary basis to defense personnel, central and state government PSUs, and private sector companies with offices in four or more states/federal territories (UT).

The format of the Bharat series will include the year of vehicle registration, the BH code of the Bharat series, numbers and letters.

BH series license plates: road tax structure

According to the new BH series, the road tax will be levied in a two-year or two-year multiple. The Ministry of Transport noticed that “after the end of the 14th year, a motor vehicle tax or road tax will be levied every year, which is half of the vehicle’s previous levy.”

The plan will promote the free movement of personal vehicles between states and UT after relocating to NSW/UT.

The current process of transferring the car to a new state

Currently, under Article 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act, car owners cannot keep their vehicles in another state for more than 12 months and must re-register in NSW. To this end, car owners must obtain a NOC from their home state in order to register their vehicle in NSW. In addition, after the proportional payment of road taxes in NSW, a new registration number must be assigned to the vehicle. You must then apply for a proportional refund of the road tax in your home state. At present, it is quite troublesome to say the least.

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