Land Rover Defender FCEV trial will begin later this year

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This Land Rover Defender It will serve as a test bed for JLR fuel cell powertrain technology, and it is expected that the company will begin testing hydrogen-powered Defender prototypes later this year.

  • JLR will begin testing its fuel cell technology with Defender later in 2021
  • Defender plug-in hybrid will be launched in India in the coming months

FCEV Land Rover Defender: What is it?

Jaguar Land Rover Project ZeusThe purpose of studying the feasibility of hydrogen fuel cells is part of its plan to achieve zero exhaust emissions by 2036, and it is also a core part of the plan. Reimagine strategy CEO Thierry Bolloré lifted the veil earlier this year.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) will become the “complementary to battery electric vehicles” in the company’s new era product line. As outlined by Jaguar Land Rover, the main advantages of battery electric vehicles include fast refueling and optimal driving range at low temperatures.

Project Zeus will use the modified FCEV Defender to test these attributes and other features, such as off-road capabilities, in a real environment. Partially funded by the Advanced Advancement Center supported by the British government, the Zeus project is running in cooperation with engineering companies such as Delta Motorsport, AVL and Marelli Automotive Systems.

Land Rover’s Defender Plan in India

Since its launch in India last year, The guard lineup expandedThe SUV is now available in our market with three engine options-2.0 liter gasoline (P300), 3.0 liter gasoline (P400) and 3.0 liter diesel (D300).Land Rover India has even opened Reservations for Plug-in Hybrid Defender (P400e) Use a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor.

Since testing of the hydrogen-powered Defender will begin later this year, the technology is still several years away from being commercially prepared for the global market. When it comes to India, the country has been lagging behind other major car markets in terms of FCEV adoption. For example, no fuel cell passenger cars are currently on sale here, and until recently, the country’s hydrogen distribution network was limited to one facility in Faridabad.

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