Kia’s sales in India exceeded 3,00,000 units

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Kia Motors In India, the sales milestone of 3,00,000 units was exceeded. As of July 2021, the automaker has sold 2,97,781 vehicles, which is only 2,219 less than the 3,00,000 mark. The remaining units were subsequently collected during the first five days of August.

  • Seltos contributed the most with a share of 66%
  • Sonet contributed 32% of sales
  • 3,00,000day The car launched is Selfos

Kia India: 300,000 units sales milestone

Kia India crossed 1,00,000 milestone In July 2020, the milestone of 2,00,000 vehicles in January 2021 and 3,00,000 vehicles in August 2021. Although the first 1,00,000 units were completed within a year, the sales of the next 2,00,000 units took only 12 months, indicating that Kia Motors has a high adoption rate among Indians.

Kia India’s flagship product, Sertos, Is still the largest contributor, accounting for 66% of sales, while Sonne An increase of 32%.The brand sold 7,310 quality products, namely carnival.

Commenting on this achievement, Kookhyun Shim, General Manager and CEO of Kia India, said: “The 300,000 sales of Kia India are a strong affirmation of customer acceptance and their confidence in the brand and its products. Despite the experience. However, the demand in the Indian market has rebounded strongly. Our extensive sales, after-sales service network, and end-to-end digital sales process and other pre-emptive measures have helped us minimize business risks and overcome all difficulties.”

Kia India: Retail Network

Kia has established a strong retail network in the country. Its current goal is to expand its footprint from the current 300 touch points to 360, covering 90% of the Indian market, including third- and fourth-tier cities and the mainland market. Kia has also initiated the digitalization process and has been providing end-to-end digital sales since it started sales in the country. The brand has successfully created the Phygital framework (physical + digital), where digital channels complement the efforts of its dealer partners.

Seltos is the 300,000th car launched by Kia at Anantapur’s most advanced manufacturing plant, which has more than 13,000 employees. The Anantapur plant is Kia’s most advanced production facility, equipped with more than 450 robots, artificial intelligence and environmental protection technologies, such as 100% water recycling.

What should give this automaker more momentum in the market is its number one dealer satisfaction.A few days ago, Kia India climbed to the top FADA India Distributor Satisfaction Research In 2021, the score was 879 points, surpassing the nearest car manufacturer with 101 points.

Kia in India

Earlier this year, Kia launches an updated version Sonet and Selfos SUV. The South Korean automaker did not have any major announcements this year.However, Kia is preparing to launch a New MPV. This new model (code name: KY) will be available sometime in early 2022.

Entry-level Kia Carnival can enjoy up to 375,000 rupees off

Kia Soul name registered in India

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