Jeep H6 Commander will be called Meridian in India

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This jeep The Meridian SUV will go on sale in India in mid-2022. Meridian is a three-row SUV based on Compass, as Jeep Commander overseas. Although the company recently applied for a trademark for the “Meridian” name, sources confirmed to us that this three-row SUV will indeed be sold under the Jeep Meridian brand in India.

  • Jeep Meridian 6-seat and 7-seat layouts will be provided
  • It will be equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine and 48V mild hybrid technology
  • Expected to be launched in India in the middle of 2022

Jeep Meridian: Why is there no Jeep Commander’s name in India?

The upcoming Compass-based Jeep H6 three-row SUV is initially expected to carry the Commander nameplate because it will be sold in specific South American markets. However, the company recently applied for a trademark for the “Meridian” name, and our sources confirmed to us that its upcoming three-row SUV will indeed be sold under the Jeep Meridian brand in India.

The move to use the new name makes sense. When you consider that in India, Mahindra used to provide SUVs with the commander nickname. Although Mahindra no longer owns the trademark of the commander name, the Jeep may want a completely different name. Avoid any possible association with the older Mahindra.

This, combined with Jeep and Mahindra’s problems with Mahindra Roxor in the US market, and the recent Thar sales in Australia, gives Jeep even more reason to choose a new name for its upcoming SUV in India.

Jeep Meridian: What is it?

The Jeep Meridian is a 7-seater derivative model. compass SUV. Although Meridian will share some of its front body panels with Compass, the main changes are outside the B-pillar.It will have a longer rear door and a more upright rear design, similar to those seen on newer jeeps Grand Cherokee L with Grand WagnerIn addition, the rear tailgate will be equipped with horizontal taillights with LED elements, similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee sold overseas.

Jeep Meridian: Interior and features

According to our sources, the Jeep Meridian SUV is well equipped because it will get all the features of the recently updated Compass. These include cooling seats, panoramic sunroofs, large touch screen infotainment systems and digital instrument panels. Jeep will also strive to provide higher quality cabin materials to increase its luxury quotient. However, the main topic of conversation will be Meridian’s new third-row seats, which will allow a 6-seater layout with a captain’s seat in the middle row, and a 7-seat layout with bench seats in the second row.

Jeep Meridian: Engine and powertrain options

Under the hood, the new Jeep Meridian will be equipped with the more powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine used in Compass. Although Meridian’s final power figures have not yet been announced, it is expected to produce 200 horsepower (instead of Compass’s 170 horsepower) and be equipped with the only 9-speed torque converter automatic transmission. Another noteworthy feature of Meridian is 48V mild hybrid Technology with BSG (Belt Driven Starter Generator) should help Jeep control SUV emissions and fuel economy.

It is worth mentioning that this will be the first time that the 48V mild hybrid technology has been applied to the Stellatis 2.0-liter MultiJet engine widely used by many overseas brands. Automakers can start using this setting on other models at a later stage.

Jeep Meridian: Competitor and India launch

Once launched, Jeep Meridian will use other three-row hard-shell SUVs, such as Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace And the upcoming relaunch Skoda KodiakHowever, Jeep’s diesel engine and off-road heritage mean that it may also be seen as an alternative to large trapezoidal SUVs, such as MG Gloucester, Toyota Fortune with Ford Endeavour.

The upcoming Jeep Meridian (H6) will start mass production in India in April next year. May be launched in mid-2022.

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