Jeep compact SUV will be launched at the end of 2023; will get 4Xe AWD technology

Akbar Merchant

On the recently concluded Stellaantis EV Day of 2021, among the numerous product announcements, is the trailer of Jeep’s upcoming compact SUV. A video clip showing the icon of the Jeep model series ends with an unidentified small jeep.

Although the news of its development has been around for some time, it is particularly interesting to confirm that it will use Jeep’s 4Xe powertrain-Jeep nomenclature for its hybrid vehicles, using ordinary 4X4 and electric motors or all-electric axles .

  • Jeep compact SUV manufactured in India for domestic and foreign markets
  • Will debut in Europe first; equipped with 4xe AWD technology
  • Will have an upright posture and a rough shape

Although technically speaking, the Jeep compact SUV can use a conventional mechanically driven 4X4 system and add an electric motor—just like the Wrangler 4Xe—considering its compact size, a compact SUV is more likely to use a system where one axle is Engine drive, and other fully electric drive, just like in Renegade 4Xe.

We have Report Earlier this year, Jeep Design Global Head Ralph Gilles talked about this development in response to OurIndia’s inquiries about the possibility of electric axles in compact SUVs. He said: “We have implemented this plan in Europe. We have all-wheel drive systems on Compass and Renegade. Our engineers have solved this equation. The packaging is not too bad. It basically replaces the same (mechanical 4×4) hardware with an electric motor.”

As the EV Day report now points out this development, it has also interestingly strengthened the case of the Jeep compact SUV using the Citroen CMP platform, which will support the French company’s compact SUV; this is also a development We reported Earlier this year. With the help of an electric bridge, the two-wheel drive CMP platform can easily provide 4X4 capacity, which is essential for every jeep. In addition, Citroen has set aggressive cost targets for its compact SUVs, which will also help Jeep remain competitive.

Jeep compact SUV: Will it retain the typical upright Jeep posture?

The trailer for the upcoming Jeep compact SUV also gave us a preview of its silhouette. It showed a model with a relatively small wheelbase and upright, with wheels at both ends. You can also see a protruding roof hump behind the rear door, and the flat rear looks like a spare tire mounted on the tailgate, similar to a Ford EcoSport. It is safe to expect the robust body style of the Jeep compact SUV, with a large amount of body cladding and high ground clearance, similar to large models such as Renegade.

Jeep compact SUV: Advantages of electric axles

Since there is no physical connection between the front and rear driven wheels, there is no need to include a protruding central channel containing a support shaft. This allows manufacturers to provide 4X4 capabilities on the 2WD platform, thereby avoiding almost impossible redesigns and related costs. The inclusion of 4Xe electric four-wheel drive technology will also help Jeep reduce its emissions to meet strict regulations in markets such as Europe. However, models equipped with 4Xe may be much more expensive than standard models.

According to sources, the Jeep Compact SUV will make its global debut later next year and will be launched in Europe first. India will only mass-produce this SUV in 2023, and it is expected to go on sale sometime later that year or early 2024.

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