Jeep Commander will get mild hybrid diesel; will be sold in six and seven seat layouts

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jeep India has begun testing the right-hand drive version of its upcoming three-row SUV. As we reported earlier, this new SUV has the internal codename H6 and will be manufactured in India for the domestic and international markets.

  • Jeep H6 Commander will be equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine in India
  • Will be Jeep’s first model to introduce mild hybrid diesel technology
  • All variants are expected to get luxurious interiors; two seat layouts

India Jeep Compass H6: Will use 48V mild hybrid technology

We reported earlier that Jeep Commander gets a more powerful diesel engine compared to the 170-horsepower version of Compass.And the final power output based on Compass H6 Commander It has not been revealed, the source told us that this engine will be equipped with 48V mild hybrid and BSG belt-driven starter generator system, which will make its debut on the three-row Jeep SUV. Due to the tightening of global regulations, the use of a 48V mild hybrid system on SUVs will help Jeep control its emissions and fuel economy. This will be the first time that 48V mild hybrid technology has been applied to the popular FCA Stellantis 2.0-liter MultiJet engine, which is widely used by many overseas brands, and these engines may begin to use this setting on their vehicles in the later stages.

Jeep India is currently testing not one but two versions of H6 Commander. These versions are different in seat layout and decoration. The version we see in these spy photos is a seven-seater variant with bench seats in the second row and may not have a sunroof. In addition, there will be a higher variant and features such as a captain’s chair in the second row and a panoramic sunroof.

Jeep H6 (Commander) SUV: Will it be called a commander in India?

In the 1990s, a Mahindra MUV called Commander appeared in the Indian market.Although the new Jeep H6 has been confirmed to have acquired the Commander brand name abroad, it remains to be seen whether Jeep will use the same marketing name for the H6 SUV in India, especially when the two brands have a dispute under two different circumstances— -This Mahinda Roxo And, recently, Thar sales in Australia.

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