Jeep Commander (Meridian) announced; India will be launched in 2022

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jeep Finally announced commander The three-row SUV, called Jeep Low-D internally, will be used in India as Jeep MeridianThe model will be marketed first in Brazil and then in India sometime in the middle of 2022.

  • The styling is inspired by the large SUV in the Jeep product portfolio
  • Get more features than the compass
  • Will come to India with a 2.0-liter diesel engine

Jeep Commander (Meridian): What’s new?

The commander has Spy test Many times in India and Brazil last year.Official pictures confirm that the three-row jeep commander has many unique places to distinguish himself Two-row compass SUV It is based on. Commander will be produced at the Jeep plant in Goiana, Brazil, which also produces Compass, traitor And Fiat Toro-all these SUVs share the same platform as Commander. The right-hand drive version will be produced at the Ranjangaon plant in India, which also produces Compass and exports it globally.

Commander Jeep (Meridian): What is the difference with the compass?

At first glance, the commander does look like a longer compass, but a closer look will reveal differences in design details.The commander actually shares quite a bit of style with the larger Grand Cherokee LSome design details related to Compass include the front grille that folds back at the top, and the familiar chrome details along the upper edge of the window. The rectangular full-LED headlights and slim taillights are the design of Jeep’s new-generation Grand Cherokee, and the window lines are also similar to the newer Jeep models. On the front, the bumper design is also unique to the commander, with large artificial vents, LED daytime running lights and fog lights, and chrome strips passing through the dashboard.

In terms of size, Commander is 4,769 mm long, 1,859 mm wide, and 1,682 mm tall, which is 364 mm longer, 41 mm wide, and 42 mm taller than Compass. Commander has a wheelbase of 2,794 mm, which is again 158 mm longer than Compass.

Jeep Commander and Compass (size)
Jeep Commander Jeep compass
length 4,769 mm 4,405mm
width 1,859 mm 1,818 mm
high 1,682 mm 1,640 mm
Wheelbase 2,794 mm 2,636 mm

Viewed from the side, the back door and quarter window are larger than the compass, and the increased length is obvious. In addition to the long wheelbase, the rear overhang also appears longer. The Commander’s rear apron is more upright and looks more upscale when viewed from the rear three quarters, which is particularly similar to other Jeep models (such as the new flagship Wagoneer SUV). The slender LED tail light is connected with the chrome strip to make the appearance more perfect.

Jeep Commander (Meridian): The interior is similar to a compass

Internally, the dashboard design is basically the same as Compass, but a closer inspection will reveal new metal inserts and suede fabric decorations on the dashboard and door panels. The front seats are also seen directly from Compass, although they are wrapped in brown leather upholstery with embroidered suede details. An interesting design style is the word “Jeep 1941” embossed on the front center armrest. The rose gold decoration on the center console is also very nice.

Just like the updated compass in India, the commander also has a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, while the central infotainment screen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is 10.1 inches. Other features include electrically adjustable driver and passenger seats, wireless phone chargers, connected car functions, Alexa virtual assistant, panoramic sunroof, Harman Kardon sound system, electronic luggage and more. Safety features include seven airbags, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking system, lane keeping assist, etc.

The most important highlight of Commander is obviously its third row of seats. The seats in the second row are separated at a ratio of 60:40 to allow access to the third row. Passengers in the third row will also have amenities such as blower speed adjustment and USB charging ports.

Jeep Commander (Meridian): mildly mixed diesel confirmed

In Brazil, Jeep decided to continue to use the existing 170 horsepower, 380 Nm (30 Nm more than the compass), 2.0-liter multi-jet diesel engine for the commander. The engine is used in conjunction with a 9-speed automatic transmission and is equipped with a 4×4 system as standard.

Although the Brazilian-spec Jeep Commander diesel did not get Speculative mild hybrid systemThe right-hand drive version of the Commander (Meridian) that is expected to be produced in India will get a more powerful mild hybrid system.

Commander is also equipped with a 185 horsepower, 270 Nm, 1.3-liter turbo gasoline engine, using flex-fuel technology. The engine is used in conjunction with a 6-speed automatic transmission and only drives the front wheels. The same engine plays a role in Compass and some other Stellatis models sold overseas.

Jeep Commander (Meridian): India releases details

Commander will be sold as Jeep Meridian in India and will be launched in mid-2022.India’s main competitors will include Toyota Fortune, Ford Endeavour with Skoda Kodiak.

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