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Intel will build a massive chip set production plant in New Albany, Ohio, that will be the world’s largest semiconductor project when completed. With an initial investment valued at more than $20 billion, construction is expected to begin later this year and is scheduled to open in 2025.

Intel announces plans to build new chipset mega site in Ohio

The gigantic site will cover more than 400 hectares and will initially house two chip fabs, with plans to expand to eight fabs in the future. The complex will also support operations and other Intel partner ecosystems.

Plant on New Albany Land
Aerial photo of the factory after completion

Land where the factory will be built in New Albany Aerial view of the factory site after completion

The new factory is initially estimated to bring 3,000 jobs and tens of thousands of construction jobs to Intel, as well as long-term opportunities for the local economy. Intel is also investing an additional $100 million in partnerships with local Ohio educational institutions to help mentor and develop local talent and support research initiatives throughout the Midwest.

Intel’s two main rivals, TSMC and Samsung, have also announced plans to set up chipset factories in Arizona and Texas.


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