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At CES 2022, Intel showed off its 12th-generation limited-edition CPU that boosts one of its cores to 5.5GHz. It will be part of the so-called KS series, which is actually called the Core i9-12900KS.

Intel Announces 12th Gen CPUs with 5.5GHz Support

During the announcement, Intel showed a demo of a configuration running Hitman 3, with the CPU maintaining a steady 5.2GHz clock speed on all 8 of its performance cores. Of course, like the standard Core i9-12900K, this one has a set of eight power-efficient E cores. However, no other information on temperature or power consumption was provided.

Initially, the CPU will be available only to OEMs and will be available for purchase by end users at a later date. No specific time frame was given either.

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