Ineos Grenadier SUV interior exposed

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Official internal picture Ineos Grenadier– Sir Jim Ratcliffe (Sir Jim Ratcliffe), a new sturdy and durable 4×4 body inspired by the original Land Rover Defender has finally been released. They display impressive new designs, obviously built for durability and timelessness, but always guided by the highest level of practical logic.

  • The internal design of Ineos Grenadier is very durable
  • It uses modern technology, such as a 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system
  • It will offer gasoline and diesel engine options

Ineos Grenadier: internal details and functions

Grenadier has a real hose-style cab, made of ultra-durable, anti-fouling materials, and even has drainage holes on the floor to emphasize its ability to cope under the harshest conditions. However, designer Toby Ecuyer stated that a key task is to prove that extreme durability does not require any loss in comfort and sophistication.

The grenadier’s dashboard is mainly a flat, high-quality, centrally-mounted switch and switch and dial dial, whose design is obviously affected by the layout of aircraft and ships. There is an impressive matching panel on the roof.

These switches combine push and toggle design, are very durable and are spaced large enough to allow gloved hands to operate. They are more clearly labelled than other cars, and the roof panel includes customizable auxiliary switches, pre-wired, so car owners can easily put them into practice.

Grenadier also has a 12.3-inch central touch screen to handle infotainment functions (supported by i-Drive-style rotary buttons installed between the seats). The Ineos team used every opportunity to simplify the car: In pursuit of reliability, Grenadier contains about two-thirds less microprocessors than the competitor 4×4.

For example, navigation is handled by Apple or Android smartphone functions, so the software is always up-to-date, although there is a built-in pathfinder function that allows the driver on the adventure to find a way back to the starting point.

Ineos Grenadier: Powertrain

Ineos’s engine selection is the BMW B57/B58 series, so each Grenadier will be equipped with a modular 3.0-liter gasoline or diesel inline six-cylinder engine through an 8-speed automatic transmission provided by ZF (and a separate low-speed transmission) Send power case). According to specifications, the power of these engines in BMW applications ranges from 265 horsepower to nearly 405 horsepower.

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