In view of safety issues, Toyota restricts resale of Land Cruiser LC300

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This Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 The debut last month marked the first major update of the SUV in 14 years. Improvements in LC300 packaging machinery and appearance have attracted wide attention from potential customers. However, the company restricted the resale of SUVs on the grounds of safety issues.

  • Land Cruiser Resale Restricted
  • Resale is prohibited in areas subject to safety supervision
  • Pre-purchase of the resale booth was cancelled

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 resale ban explained

LC300 will go on sale in Japan early next month, and it is said that the company has secured a healthy order base. However, it has suspended orders for the SUV before its domestic debut because some reservations are believed to be for resale in foreign markets.

In addition, Toyota is now getting Japanese customers to sign an agreement that the SUV cannot be resold, effectively preventing them from selling it for a period of time.

The company’s actions are designed to prevent LC300 from falling into the wrong hands.

Toyota’s official statement regarding the LC300 resale ban

The automaker has issued an official statement to a local magazine on this issue.

“Land cruisers are particularly popular overseas, and we are worried about the possibility of vehicles flowing from Japan to overseas immediately after release, and the possibility of exporting to certain areas with safety regulations,” the company said. .

Toyota seems to be aware that its vehicles, especially Land Cruiser SUVs and Hilux pickups, have been used by militants in conflict areas in the past and hope to avoid similar situations in its new models.

The statement also stated, “We also understand that if the situation develops to the point where Toyota dealerships are investigated for alleged violations of the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act” (Foreign Exchange Law), it is not only a major issue related to Toyota dealerships, but also all Toyota dealerships. The main problem for dealers and Toyota Motor Corporation.”

“We recognize that each dealer made a decision from the perspective of legal compliance and received written commitments from customers. These measures are based on the recent global situation and the characteristics of land cruisers. We believe that they do not violate antitrust Law.”

Toyota Land Cruiser India Project

Toyota sold the old LC200 Land Cruiser in India until the BS6 regulation came into effect. We expect that the LC300 Land Cruiser will be launched in India at some point in the future.Currently, Toyota is seeking to launch Hilux pickup truck in India This year.


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