In the future, Volvo electric cars will abandon digital nomenclature and use proprietary names instead

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Volvo Company boss Hakan Samuelsson confirmed that it will get rid of current model naming conventions by naming future models instead of numbers. As the company shifts to becoming a global all-electric brand by 2030, this move aims to mark the next generation of models.

  • Starting from the successor to the XC90, the new Volvo car will have a proprietary name
  • Small XC20-class crossover is under development
  • Volvo will be fully electric in India before the global 2030 goal

Future Volvo electric cars will have proprietary names

With few exceptions, Volvo has always used numbers or alphanumeric-based nomenclature throughout its history. It adopted the current system in 1995, with S for sedan, V for RV, C for hatchback and coupe, XC for SUV, and then size-based numbers.

In an interview with our sister publication OurUK, Volvo CEO Samuelsson said: “If you look at today’s cars, they all have very “design” names: XC, T8, all-wheel drive, dual overhead cams— —This is the norm for all the rear parts of many cars.” However, this will change the way forward.

“We are talking about a brand new architecture, a new generation of pure electric and all-electric vehicles with central computing functions. It is very good and clearly shows that this is a new beginning, which is why we will not have numbers and letters, a kind of The name of the project type. We will give them a name, just like you give a name to a newborn”, Hakan Samuelsson said.

This Swedish manufacturer recently launched Concept recharge Preview the XC90 successor due next year. At that conference, Samuelson confirmed that the new car will have a name.

In response to OurUK’s inquiries, Samuelsson said that the next-generation models after the XC90 successor will also be given more “emotional” names.

Volvo’s steering model names are contrary to industry trends in the use of alphanumeric names, which are considered to be easier to standardize on a global scale. For example, Volkswagen uses the model number in its ID electric car series instead of using names such as Polo, Golf, and Tiguan in its internal combustion engine models.

Volvo is committed to an all-electric XC20-class crossover

Volvo is developing a new small electric crossover — actually the XC20, although it will adopt a different name — it will be based on the parent company Geely’s SEA platform. Samuelsson has stated that it is “very likely” that this model will be manufactured in China, and pointed out that it will arrive sometime after the successor to the XC90.

Volvo will only use electric cars in India

Volvo revealed earlier this year that it was abandoning internal combustion engine cars and Fully electric in the global market by 2030. However, the company’s goal is to transition to India’s pure electric vehicle lineup Even before that.

Volvo India will launch its first all-electric model, the XC40 Recharge, which will be available for pre-orders since June this year.In addition, it is also preparing to launch a facelift XC60 and S90 2021.

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