iMac with the new iPad Pro and M1 will be available on May 21st hints a British retailer-Techweu

The global chip crisis continues, and Apple has long been rumored to be affected by the production of new devices. A good example-The new iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, and the new iMac with the M1 announced at last spring’s event, are getting more pre-orders behind the new devices after the Apple event.

And with that very featureless move, Apple hasn’t actually revealed the official release date of any of these three products. Thankfully, John Lewis, a third-party retailer in the UK, stood upon this occasion and told us the date we were expecting.

british retailer on apple M1

As you can see from the screenshot above, the new iPad Pro (and the new iMac with the M1) will be available on May 21st. It makes sense because it’s Friday-Apple loves the Friday launch. It’s a long way from the reservation start date on April 30th, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s probably due to a global tip shortage. Similarly, if you need a new iPad or iMac and haven’t found it in stock for a while.


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