Hyundai Motor Showcases Ioniq 5 Self-Driving Taxi with Level 4 Autonomy

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modernMotional cooperated with Motional to launch the fully autonomous Ioniq 5 robotic taxi. Starting in 2023, it will become a fully driverless public ride service. Motional is a driverless technology company headquartered in Boston, USA, which was established in March last year.

  • Ioniq 5 robot taxi has 4 levels of autonomy
  • Will start service through the autonomous driving service Lyft in 2023
  • Will be officially unveiled at the Munich Auto Show next week

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robot Taxi: What is it?

The Ioniq 5 robotic taxi has Level 4 autopilot technology, which means it can drive automatically in all situations unless the driver manually controls it.It is based on all-electric Hyundai Ionic 5 This was launched earlier this year. Ioniq 5 itself does not have any autonomous technology.

The two companies said that the car is equipped with 30 external sensors, including cameras, radar and lidar, which provide 360-degree perception and can detect objects at “ultra-long distances” while driving. Motional stated that if the car encounters “unusual road conditions, such as road construction or flooding,” the operator can remotely control the car and guide it back to a safe state.

Karl Iagnemma, President and CEO of Motional, said: “This robot taxi represents Motional’s vision for a driverless future to become a reality. Unparalleled automotive and software expertise.

“This in-depth cooperation allows us to manufacture highly safe and reliable robot taxis and optimize costs for global production. We are focused on large-scale commercialization, and the Ioniq 5 robot taxi is made for this purpose.”

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robot Taxi: Expected to be launched

Motional said that the Ioniq 5 robotic taxi will begin to transport passengers through the autonomous driving service Lyft in 2023. Lyft claims to have carried out hundreds of thousands of autonomous driving in Las Vegas. Robot taxis will operate in “multiple US markets,” but Motional has not confirmed these yet.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 debuted earlier this year, with 58kWh and 73kWh batteries providing 240 to 300 miles of cruising range, respectively. Models with larger batteries can charge up to 220 kilowatts, which can replenish the battery power from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.

The robot taxi will be officially unveiled to the public at the Munich Auto Show next week, and Hyundai Motor promised to reveal more information about the car at the exhibition.

Hyundai in India

Back in India, Hyundai Motor finally launched the highly anticipated N Performance Division in India, launching i20 N line yesterday.After this, the next major announcement of the Korean car manufacturer will be Casper Mini SUV, Recently also revealed in the form of production.

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