Hyundai Creta update launched on the international market

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modern The veil has been lifted, slightly updated Creta An SUV for overseas markets. The updated Creta is expected to be available in left-hand drive markets such as Russia and China, followed by other regions.

  • The updated Creta will be launched in Russia first
  • Style adjustments and appearance updates from the inside to the outside
  • Some markets will also get AWD-equipped variants

Hyundai Creta update: what’s the difference?

The new Creta launched in Russia replaces the previous generation Creta that was discontinued in India in 2020.Don’t go with Creta’s major transformation The new Creta, which is being tested in South Korea, will be launched in Russia. Its grille and bumper design has a unique shape, in which the shape of the laminated grille is slightly changed, and the grille insert adopts a new design similar to that of Alcazar. The updated Creta’s chin is now more prominent, with larger air intakes and a contrasting artificial brushed aluminum finish. From the side, except for the new alloy wheel design based on its variants, the SUV looks more or less similar to the pre-facelift version. At the back, the plastic panel connecting the two tail lights has been redesigned and now has two vertical creases, one on each side. Since the upper extension of the taillights is now shorter, the design of the connecting taillights seen on the current Creta has been omitted. The rear bumper also has a simpler design, with a contrasting artificial aluminum insert in the center.

Hyundai Creta update: engine and transmission options

The updated version of Creta to be launched in Russia will be equipped with a 1.6-liter or 2.0-liter gasoline engine option, with a manual or automatic transmission. In addition, according to market demand, some variants will get all-wheel drive as standard.

Hyundai Creta facelift: what to expect?

Although the Creta we see in the picture is just a mild appearance update, the brand is already testing a major updated SUV version that will shine in the future. Spy photos show that the updated Creta will use the bold grille design of the new Tucson, and can also get half-mirror LED daytime running lights. These lights are only visible when turned on and off, and they appear to be the surface of the grille. In addition, more style adjustments will be made in this version.

Hyundai Creta facelift: India release schedule

The current Creta was seen as the ix25 in China for the first time in 2019. The model will debut in India as the new Creta at the 2020 Auto Expo, which means that the Creta is still brand new to the Indian market. Many emerging markets such as Brazil and Argentina have not yet received the latest generation Creta that was launched in India last year. We expect that the heavily updated Creta will make its debut in China sometime next year, and then head to other markets like ours in the future. As far as India is concerned, the three-row Hyundai is the brand’s latest product in India. In addition, the internally called micro SUV Hyundai AX1 May come to India sometime early next year.

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