Hyundai Creta long-term review in 2021, the first report

Sergius Barretto

“Close the office, can I work at my home in Goa?” “Of course.” Homazd said, I thank him for that, hung up the phone, told the eagerly waiting family to pack, and I started planning for us at the same time. The exit.

Thursday is 8pm, which means that we can only drive out of Mumbai on the Friday before the COVID-19 curfew on the weekend, and we must also start our journey at 7am. After the curfew was lifted, he entered Goa until the curfew started again at 8pm. It’s easy to do.

The 630km journey usually takes me about 12 hours, but in order to save time as much as possible, we packed up the car that night, and then we started to admire the new Creta. The boots are big enough, there are no lips to lift the bag, there are no intrusions, and the light is good, so packing up at night is not a challenge at all. Although, please remember to pack from the right side, so that the luggage compartment light installed on the left side can provide illumination until the end.

At 7:05 the next morning, we set off. We put a food bag in the forefoot space, a thermos in the glove box (we can’t do without firewood for the evening), and some small ones that are not suitable for storing in it. Four packs of juice. Cool the center console; the problem is that the console cover is not closed because the cabin air purifier below it extends into the storage space, which limits the usable area and destroys the use to a certain extent.

Cheap plastic: Cheap dash plastic does not give people an expensive ride.

Apart from that, Creta has almost no other problems. The indoor plastic cannot meet the requirements, and they feel that the rent is very low. The kids couldn’t believe we had a “fancy” car this time, but Creta’s performance on the road trip left a deep impression on everyone.

The kids really liked the fact that the car’s rear window had sun blinds, which seemed to be a small feature, but the last car we sent to Goa-Hector, did not have these. They hate having to pick up and put on the universal sun blinds that we have. The retractable retractor is more convenient.

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GOODBYE SUNSHINE: There is no need to bother to paste on the blinds, the retractable blinds are very convenient.

They also like enough space in the rear seats, and my son really likes the small memory foam headrest la S-class that comes with the car. Another prerequisite for any journey is good audio settings, and the Bose system is very simple. Of course there are better options, but this unit will leave you with no complaints.

However, the biggest aspect of the infotainment system is Android Auto integration. So far, this is the best I have seen. In most cases, your phone only occupies the entire screen, or in some cars, it also leaves room for the car’s OS, which is very convenient. In Creta, although it can indeed take over the entire screen, it provides a neat split-screen function for Android Auto. So, for example, you can control the music player on the home screen and still display real-time map navigation in a small area on the side, and you can easily switch between the two with a single tap. Even better, underneath it are physical buttons, which are safer and easier to use in moving vehicles.

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Split screen: manage your music with real-time navigation.

Driving Creta is also a pleasure. At Autocar, we are fans of Hyundai’s new 1.5-liter diesel power plant, and this trip will only make it stronger. The engine is very delicate, and the sound and vibration are well controlled. Even if the music is turned off, you cannot really hear the sound of the engine unless you increase the speed. A stable cruise is a pleasant and quiet thing.

When driving on such a highway, you will also appreciate the engine’s very easy handling characteristics. With the early power coming in at about 1,200rpm and staying stable until 4,000rpm, I can keep it in sixth gear and simply let the engine torque do all the work, reducing many extra changes on the highway. files.

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Not fixed upwards: missing driver’s seat adjustment button.

Creta’s amusement facilities have been greatly improved over its predecessor. I don’t like the car that is addicted to it, but that old car did it, the suspension setting is too soft. The new car is still soft, but not as flexible as the old Creta. Push hard and it will roll, but with my daughter (who often feels nauseous), I drive at a steady speed and even the keel. So here, Creta also proved to be very neat.

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Creta is one of several cars that can keep up with my mom’s weekly Tupperware sales.

At the time of writing, we only stayed here for a week, but this car has already caught the attention of fans. My brother was very impressed with the cool seat and insisted that we are taking it to Goa’s new buzz-dining out. The nieces and nephews like the big skylight and are wise, they don’t want to stand up. My mom likes big boots, it’s easy to take away her Tupperware merchandise.Seeing this, my father is paying attention to it now Pado (The word Konkani refers to picking coconuts from your land); maybe this will be introduced in the next report.

Hyundai Creta
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