Hyundai Aura long-term review, the fourth report

Gavin D’Souza

For me, there has been almost no driving for several months, not just because of the lockdown imposed by the state of Maharashtra where I live. As the second wave of COVID-19 came to the country with newly discovered anger, it also managed to find me. Fortunately, it was relatively easy for me to get off the car, but according to the agreement, I was quarantined at home for a long time.

BLARE SWITCH project: Locking and unlocking the car will sound a loud horn.

Irritability is a common side effect of isolation, but for a person who spends a lot of time on the road, there is an extra layer on it-twitching of the right foot. I can almost see where Aura is parked from the window of my apartment, and I find myself often “checking it” for no reason. I would even lock and unlock it with the remote control key, causing the loudspeaker to make a loud “pap” sound. My neighbor may not like it, but it gives me a strange sense of peace of mind.

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GRAND TRUNK EXPRESS: A large suitcase for a small car; there are more ways to pack than you think.

As you might imagine, the moment I was allowed to leave home, I picked up the key and ran. We are under lockdown, so all I can really do is buy the necessities…to the furthest grocery store allowed. As if it was the last grocery store on the planet, I was racing against time. I carefully moved up the 13.1kpl reading from the trip computer, and started to roll before my eyes like a countdown timer. Because the 172Nm of turbo torque overwhelms their tiny contact surfaces, the 175-knot thin tires scream after each gear shift and in every corner. I even checked to make sure the handbrake was working properly (about a few right-angle turns).

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Fuel Proof: Able to achieve excellent urban fuel economy. If you pack lightly.

But like a person sitting at home for three weeks, he immediately decided to run 10 kilometers, metaphorically speaking, he learned some lessons very quickly. It’s like re-recognizing the bite of the brake-it comes a bit late, and it feels that the power is not strong enough, or remind yourself that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility-the chassis and steering are not completely matched. On the other hand, the satisfying click of each gear insert makes rowing through the 5-speed manual an absolute pleasure.

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Too easy: loose steering and disconnect in an otherwise interesting car

A lot of pent-up energy was released during this and the next few driving of the Aura Turbo. Then, although the driving has not returned to daily practice, Xiao Hyundai has been pushed to some very important tasks. It dragged my dog ​​to the vet for surgery (he really likes to lie on the long backseat pigeon), and my parents took two vaccinations.

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Our dog is very large and stretches comfortably on the long back cushion.

By the way, I recently used Nikhil’s long-term Hyundai i20 for two days, it uses the same 1.0 turbo engine (increased by 10 horsepower) and is also very popular. This is an excellent car, and in many ways it feels like an important step from Aura. But there are three things that irritate me-the dull black cabin, the lack of physical control of the infotainment system, and the most important thing is the iMT gearbox. I am still trying to solve its shortcomings. Oh, nothing is more worthy of reiteration than another burst in the halo of the manual transmission.

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