Hyundai announces an all-electric plan for Europe from 2035

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modern It was announced at the Munich Auto Show in 2021 that they will stop selling gasoline and diesel cars in Europe from 2035, thus achieving full electric power. This is part of Hyundai’s overall goal of achieving global carbon neutrality by 2045.

  • Hyundai will be fully electric in Europe from 2035
  • Phase out ICE cars from all global markets by 2040
  • Hydrogen electric vehicles will continue to be the focus of Hyundai’s electrification plan

Hyundai’s roadmap to be fully electric in Europe by 2035

Hyundai Motor introduced in detail the “three pillars” of its carbon neutral approach at this year’s Munich Motor Show. The first is centered on “clean mobile”. Hyundai Motor’s goal is that 30% of its global sales will come from zero-emission vehicles by 2030; and it is estimated that by 2040, pure electric (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) will account for 80% of sales.

In 2035, Hyundai will switch to a completely zero-emission fleet in Europe, and then by 2040 will phase out ICE vehicles in all major markets around the world.Hyundai may be turning earlier in markets such as the UK The government plans to ban the sale of new internal-combustion vehicles From 2030 (except for some plug-in hybrid vehicles). The continued launch of the Ioniq EV series will play a key role in expanding Hyundai’s EV footprint, and Ion 5 Now arriving at dealers around the world, the low-profile Ioniq 6 will make its debut in the next few months.

Hyundai Motor also confirmed its commitment to the development of hydrogen power systems as part of the phase-out of fossil fuels.In response, Hyundai announced an upgrade Lux SUV, And a new hydrogen-powered MPV that will come out in 2023. Two years later, Hyundai will launch a large hydrogen-powered SUV.

Confirmed that Hyundai Motor is preparing to reveal one Hydrogen power performance car As part of the electrification of its N department.Considering that it will arrive tomorrow as part of the Hyundai Hydrogen Wave demo, the model looks similar to the US market Elantra N Sports cars, with subtle and different design cues.

The second pillar focuses on the “vehicle platform”, on which Hyundai Motor means “mobile choice”.The one exhibited in Munich is Ioniq 5 Robot Taxi, With level 4 autopilot function, will start unmanned vehicle fleet service on the road in the United States in 2023. Also in this field, Hyundai is studying the electric “Urban Air Mobility” (UAM) concept that will be launched in 2028, based on S-A1′Flying taxi‘Disclosed last year.

Finally, the third pillar “green energy” will focus on how Hyundai Motor develops more efficient and less polluting ways to power its global business. As part of this, it is investing heavily in green hydrogen, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging technology and secondary battery solutions.

Hyundai Motor’s electrification plan in India

Back in India, Hyundai is one of the few mass-market manufacturers that already sell electric vehicles. Kona ElectricThe company is also committed to More affordable electric vehicles For the Indian market, the product will be manufactured in India and is expected to arrive in 2022.

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