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The Huawei P50 has been widely rumoured in the last few months and most of the time we understand that the camera layout is new. Two large camera rings are speculated to accommodate four cameras, including one large 1-inch sensor for the main camera.

The latest news in the P50 series is a rendering posted on Twitter by a user @ RODENT950. The leaker claims that these renders are real renders, not mockups. These renders show the camera array in a large ring, with three cameras in the upper cluster and one camera in the lower cluster. It is speculated that the camera below is the main shooter with a huge camera sensor.

Huawei P50 series leaked heres look-Techweu

Huawei P50 series leaked heres look-Techweu

Earlier phone leaks only showed the dual ring, which is part of the camera setup, but the layout of the camera under the ring wasn’t well defined. Speculation in the Twitter thread suggests that there may be a telephoto camera, but no periscope camera is found. Again, Huawei is said to have three variations of the P50, so you may be considering a vanilla P50 model.

User @alfawien was able to zoom in on the photo to see what looks like 13-90mm. Some users of the thread speculate that the P50’s periscope camera may have variable zoom.

The Vanilla P50 is rumoured to come with a 6.3-inch screen and a selfie camera with a punched hole in the centre. It is rumoured that it will be released with Sony’s 1-inch IMX800 sensor, and there are a total of four cameras. The Huawei P50 trio will be available in May or June.

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