Honda City long-term review, third report

Shapur Kotwal

In three days, three different cars, the prices were similar. The biggest surprise is that Honda’s city has the most comfortable driver’s seat. This is not what I expected. Not at all. The City is relatively low, making it more difficult to get in and out than an SUV, and the higher you sit, the more comfortable it is overall. Nevertheless, when I enter the front seat of the city, all I can think of is how comfortable it is. The cushioning is just right-not too hard, not too soft, the seat is large and supportive, the difference is that it has just the right support or lateral support. The artificial leather seats are even beautifully stitched and assembled.

Walking into the customer: The proximity sensor on the key allows you to climb in just by walking over.

After spending a long time in the city, I rediscovered that riding is correct. Monsoon-ravaged roads in Mumbai pose a huge challenge to any car. Compared with SUVs, cars are at a disadvantage due to limited wheel travel. Despite this, the new city slides on most broken roads, and the softness of its rubber feet is not on any of its outstanding predecessors. Even expansion joints will not cause too much trouble. Only when I ride through some really bombed sections of the suburbs of Mumbai, the city will feel its depth and the sound of bangs. I am also ashamed of the worn-out tires.

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Hard shell: The quality of the plastic on the top of the dashboard is not very good; it often attracts your attention.

Even the sound system is impressive; after a long period of traffic, I appreciate it even more. The touch screen is still very annoying, but once you set the equalizer and use the faders to reset the front and back balance, the audio will be loud, clear, and even impactful. A good sound system with designated amplifiers and speakers will only add a lot to the car. Especially when you are driving for a long time.

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Hold my phone: The phone is jumping around in shallow shelves and small rooms.

However, the core of the city is still the naturally aspirated engine, which rotates at more than 7,000 rpm and provides distinctive power from 5,000 to 7,000 rpm. This is why driving early in the morning is particularly fun, even on Sundays. The first gear is a bit short, but it can be opened in the second gear, especially the third gear, and the vigorous Honda engine just caught up with the scene. The new city has some resonant hum, which is a bit unusual for Honda, and I can’t stand such a relaxed low-rpm response. In addition, this dual cam engine makes the new city full of excitement in one minute, and more fun than any SUV in the same class.

Honda City (fifth generation)
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