Honda City Hybrid Electric Vehicle Price Announced Next Year

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Honda Motor India It has been confirmed that the City hybrid will be on the market sometime in the next financial year. This model was launched overseas earlier this year and has been sold in Malaysia.We reported the upcoming India will launch Honda City Hybrid in August 2020, And now the company has confirmed its plans to launch the model here. “We will launch (urban) hybrid vehicles in the next fiscal year,” Rajesh Goel, senior vice president and sales and marketing director of Honda Motor India, told OurIndia in an interview.

  • India confirms the use of urban hybrid vehicles; launched in fiscal year 2023
  • Delayed launch due to COVID-19
  • Obtained a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with two electric motors

Honda City Hybrid India releases timetable

Honda initially plans to introduce the City hybrid to our market this year. However, COVID-19 and the subsequent blockade played a destructive role. Nevertheless, Honda has promised that with the introduction of cities, it is still committed to launching “mainstream hybrid vehicles” in India. Goel mentioned that the company now plans to launch this car in India in the next fiscal year, which means the City hybrid will be launched after March 2022.

this city It is Honda’s oldest model in India and has always been a strong pillar of the Honda brand. Honda recently started exporting the LHD version of City to countries such as Mexico and Turkey.

Honda City Hybrid Engine Details

The city hybrid is equipped with Honda’s i-MMD, and the hybrid technology is also used in the international-specification Honda CR-V hybrid and the new-generation Honda Jazz sold abroad. Like Honda’s Jazz e:HEV’s technology to power the international market, the i-MMD hybrid power unit in the new city consists of two electric motors and an internal combustion engine. A 98-horsepower, 127 Nm, 1.5-liter, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle gasoline engine is located under the hood of the new city.

The first electric motor is integrated in the gasoline engine to assist and act as an integrated starter generator (ISG), while the second electric motor transmits driving force to the wheels. 109hp and 253Nm of torque are produced by the second unit and sent to the front wheels through a custom gearbox with a single fixed gear ratio.

The hybrid setting may also enable three drive modes-one using only the electric motor, one using only the internal combustion engine (the lock-up clutch sends power directly to the wheels), and the third allows a combination of the two.

Because of this setup, the city will be frugal in the urban environment-it only runs on electric motors, while on the highway, the gasoline engine will take over and provide more powerful performance.

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