Hindi language support is available for the next Tesla update

Saptarshi Mondal

U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla It is preparing to launch its first electric car in India. The popular EV brand seems to be ready to provide Hindi support for its recently discovered infotainment system. The update to support Hindi has not yet been officially released.

  • Tesla Model 3 will be its first model launched in India
  • Hindi language support may be part of the next Tesla UI update
  • Model 3 sells for about 6 million rupees in India

The latest user interface update for Tesla’s infotainment system-what is it?

A Twitter user@greentheonlyDedicated to adjusting Tesla’s user interface, through regular research on the car code, it is found that the company will add five new languages ​​to its infotainment system, Hindi is one of them. The current version of Tesla UI-2021.12.25.6-does not support Hindi, this may only be introduced in the next update.

Other languages ​​that are part of this update include Russian, Greek, Croatian, and Finnish. Green also clarified that both Croatian and Finnish are in the update log, but all five people were present and even shared photos as evidence. The fact that Tesla added these new languages, especially Hindi, before officially entering India, shows that the company is committed to providing customers with unique experiences through its infotainment software.

Tesla is already present in the Greek, Croatian, and Finnish markets, so it is logical to add these languages. Given the company’s plans in India, the addition of Hindi is understandable and of course very popular. However, Tesla currently has no business in Russia, and the participation of Russians is largely a surprise. This is just a hint that Tesla is likely to open its doors in Russia soon, as CEO Elon Musk also hinted at.

Tesla India launch plan

In early January this year, Tesla officially Registered office in Bangalore As Tesla India Automotive and Energy Private Limited. The company has been hiring recently to build its Indian team before the official launch of its first model in India.Tesla is expected to start its India bureau by importing its cars as CBU Model 3 It is expected to be the first person to reach our coast.

In fact, Tesla Model 3 has been spied Tested on our road many times. Model 3 has two configurations of single motor and dual motor overseas, but it remains to be seen which version of Model 3 Tesla provides in India. Although it may be Tesla’s most easily accepted model in India by buyers, it is still far from affordable. The Tesla Model 3 is expected to cost about Rs 6 million (ex-showroom).

Furthermore, Tesla will build a manufacturing plant in India. Although several states including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka have offered Tesla the opportunity to set up manufacturing bases in their respective states, it remains to be seen who will eventually attract the American automaker.Tesla is also expected to bring its halo products-Model S and X type -Reach our coast later.

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