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Google started developing Fuchsia OS as an open-source operating system for many platforms in 2016, but there has been no news for a long time.

By the way, Fuchsia is now Google’s original Nest Hub, formerly the official OS of Google Home Hub. The team behind Fuchsia has replaced NestHub’s limited CastOS with Fuchsia, but on the surface, the device should look and work as before.


The transition from CastOS to FuchsiaOS can take months, starting with preview program users first.

Fuchsia OS on the original Nest hub is in test by google-Techweu

Fuchsia OS is designed to support smart devices such as Chromebooks and smartphones, which Google describes as follows: Safe, updatable, comprehensive and practical operating system.

Google seems to want to thoroughly test the OS. Therefore, it is a one-month deployment to Nest Hub.

Still, given that this move looks similar to Cast OS, it leaves us wondering exactly what the points of Fuchsia OS on NestHub are. And it doesn’t provide meaningful insights into Google’s Fuchsia plans.

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Google previously stated that fuchsia is not a replacement for Android, but it will allow Android apps to run natively. The main difference between Fuchsia and Android is that the former is not based on the Linux kernel, but on its own microkernel called Zircon.

We have to wait for what Google will do with Fuchsia in the future.


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