Google is about to provide the function of locking, unlocking and starting the car through the Android phone

Sergius Barretto

At the 2021 I/O Developer Conference held yesterday, Google announced its new product “Digital Car Key”. In the upcoming version of Android 12, Google will provide you with the ability to lock, unlock and start the car through your phone.

  • Work with NFC and ultra-wideband technology
  • You can also share your digital key with friends

Although Google did not elaborate on how this function works, it does say that it uses near field communication (NFC) and ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology, so it is likely that you can put your phone in your pocket or knock on the door handle to use Use it. In addition, if you need to lend your car to a friend, Google says that you will be able to share your digital car key “remotely and securely” with them.

Given that mobile phones will almost always be carried with you, this feature will be very convenient and will reduce your burden because it will completely replace the (usually bulky) key fob. Metaphorically, the pockets are also expected to be lighter, because at present, the “digital car key” will be limited to certain high-end Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Automakers may also offer premium prices. Currently, only BMW is confirmed as a partner for this technology. However, Google did not mention which model or exactly when it will be on sale.

Although judging from the speed (or lack of speed) at which car manufacturers provide wireless Android Auto, Android 12 will be released later next year, but don’t expect Google Digital Car Key to become a mainstream feature anytime soon.

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