GoFuel launches mobile charging solution to eliminate endurance anxiety

Zaran Mody

Among the many concerns of today’s electric vehicle owners, the biggest worry so far is mileage anxiety. The fear of running out of electricity in the middle of the road keeps people away from buying electric cars; even current EV owners often pay attention to battery fuel gauges.

As the charging infrastructure expands and scope data improves, the situation will definitely improve. However, in the worst case, if you find yourself stranded and out of power, you can now order a quick charger directly at your location.

  • Mobile charger will provide fast charging function
  • Provide swap service for two-wheelers
  • Strive to have 100 mobile charging and switching stations by 2022

GoFuel, a start-up company based in Chennai, will soon launch a mobile charging service.The company started at Ship diesel To the customer’s location, a service mainly for users of diesel generator sets. It is now expanding its business to provide mobile charging and switching stations for two-wheel, three-wheel and four-wheel electric vehicles. More importantly, the company plans to use solar energy to charge these mobile devices, thereby using only clean energy.

For four-wheeled vehicles, the mobile charging solution will include a truck with on-board energy storage that can be dispatched to your location and charge your vehicle. The system is designed to provide fast charging up to 200kW.

For two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles where the battery pack is usually removable, GoFuel also offers a mobile battery replacement solution, which will send a fully charged battery pack to your location, allowing you to restart your journey in a few minutes. In addition, it also provides exchange subscription packages, which can provide users with battery exchange services overnight.

Although data shows that most car owners charge electric cars at home or in the office, mobile charging services will definitely give you peace of mind, especially considering that once the electric car is scrapped, it should not be towed away and should be charged on a flatbed.

The first mobile charging car should be ready by the end of this year. Founder and CEO Vinodhraj stated that the company intends to “expand its network and cover multiple charging cars, and we will initialize it through ourselves and our GoFueler franchise model. “GoFuel’s franchise model currently operates in Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, and the company hopes to expand its operations in Pan-India soon. In terms of business, GoFuel stated that its diesel delivery service has generated Rs 50 crore in revenue within 5 months. While seeking to expand to other fuels such as gasoline, it also plans to establish 100 solar-powered mobile charging and switching stations by the middle of 2022.

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