Gemballa Marsien off-road supercar unveiled

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As we all know, the German tuning company Gemballa has played its magic in several ways. Porsche Over the years, their latest work is Gemballa Marsien.This off-road capable supercar is based on the latest generation Porsche 911 The name of Turbo S is taken from the French word Martian, which is inspired by the Martian-like sand dunes in the UAE desert where cars were developed.

  • Powered by a six-cylinder engine tuned by Ruf, producing 740 horsepower
  • Can deal with rough terrain with customized suspension provided by professional KW Automotive
  • Limited production of 40 units in Europe, the Middle East and the United States

Gemballa Marsien: What is under its hood?

Let’s start with the engine, it has received one of the most important upgrades on Marsien. Marsien is powered by the same six-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine as the 911 Turbo S, but after tuning by the tuning expert Ruf, it now produces 740hp and 930Nm of torque, which is higher than the standard 911 Turbo S’s 650hp and 800Nm.

This allows Marsien to reach 0-100kph in 2.6 seconds, with a top speed of over 320kph. Due to the addition of an enhanced turbocharger, improved engine mapping and transmission changes, customers can further choose the “second stage” upgrade to increase the power output to 830 horsepower. Gemballa stated that the engine still complies with the latest Euro 6 emission regulations.

Gembella Marsien can cope with rough terrain with customized suspension provided by professional KW Automotive

Gemballa Marsien: the basics

The base vehicle has undergone many fundamental changes to enable it to cope with rough terrain. Marsien’s suspension is completely customized and provided by the professional KW Motor Company, which has installed a double wishbone on the front, using robust piston shock absorber technology and “intelligent active shock absorber control”.

The ground clearance can be increased from 120 mm in the “road mode” to 250 mm off-road. It is said that the damper will react to conditions within 20 milliseconds. In addition to the driving modes provided by Porsche for road driving, Gemballa also equips Marsien with gravel, mud, sand and snow driving modes.

Marsien rides on a set of forged aluminum wheels with a center lock and wrapped in Michelin all-terrain tires.

For customers who want more hard-core off-road capabilities, there is an optional kit with Reiger suspension and pull dampers, which provides more suspension travel and ground clearance than the standard. Marsien uses a set of forged aluminum wheels with a central locking device, wrapped in Michelin ultra-high performance and all-terrain tires.

Other upgrades include a body made entirely of carbon fiber, manufactured by a German company that also serves the Formula One fleet. There is a custom titanium exhaust pipe, the transmission has been modified to power all four wheels more consistently, and the body has been developed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software to ensure efficiency and safety at high speeds.

Gemballa Marsien: styling and interior

Gemballa Marsien looks completely custom made, very different from the car it donated. Although it can still be identified as a 911 Turbo from some angles, almost all body panels are unique to Marsien. Its front bumper looks more sporty, and there is a new hood with a huge spoon in the middle. The air intakes on both sides are much larger, and the door panels are also new. Thanks to the new rear wing design and the custom rear bumper with dual exhaust ports and diffuser arrangement, Marsien looks most unique from the rear.

Gemballa Marsien looks completely custom made, very different from the car it donated.

Inside, you can choose full leather or Alcantara interior to complement the carbon fiber center console, although Gemballa said it can be “fully customized”, which shows that customers can specify the cabin as much as possible when the budget allows. However, the internal design and equipment list are very similar to the standard 911 Turbo S.

Gemballa Marsien: Availability

Marsien is currently only certified in the European, Middle Eastern and American markets, and production is limited to 40 vehicles. Among them, 10 models of limited first edition models have been sold, and more than half of the remaining 30 models have been sold. Therefore, it is very impossible to see one on the road of India.

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