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Google’s Wear OS support page will display a new entry outlining the new updates for the Wear OS Gboard app. No major changes have been made, but the Gboard for Wear OS has been updated with a new look, support for multilingual input, and enhanced fixes and suggestions.

As some of you may not know, Wear OS has a built-in keyboard that allows you to enter replies to messages without reaching for your cell phone. You can choose to rely on AutoCorrect to enter the response manually, enter the gesture type as needed, or enter the text by voice input.

Suggestions have been improved by making it easier to scroll through. The new “Preview Screen” allows you to preview the entire message before sending it. Multilingual support is a new feature in Gboard for Wear OS. A new input button allows you to switch to another language enabled on Gboard.

Updated Gboard for Wear OS with enhanced text input, multilingual support, and a new look

Finally, the Wear OSG board has a new look. Gboard is now displayed in large white text on a black background. The space bar has also become larger. The user can press and hold the spacebar to change the language of the input text.

The support page ends with “We are very pleased to bring this update to the Wear OS community in the next few days. We can’t wait to share what’s more on Wear OS by Google in 2021!” I will.

Google plans to completely overhaul Wear OS this year, starting with enabling third-party tiles “when Google publishes an update for its supported Wear OS platform.” We hope to learn more about this update when Google I / O is released later this month.


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