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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a slightly smaller screen than its predecessor, the Z Fold 2 (pictured below). This is necessary so that the company can install the S Pen somewhere in the chassis. This is because this next device will be the company’s first foldable device to support the stylus.

The inner screen of the Z Fold3 will be 7.55 “(compared to the 7.59” of the Fold2) and the outer display will shrink from 6.23 “to 6.21”. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Flip Lite, on the other hand, both have a built-in Z Flip 6.67-inch to 6.7-inch display. Both new Flips feature a refresh rate of 120Hz and LTPO screen technology, and Samsung has actually increased the number, both the Fold family and the Flip family are named, just as it is done on the Galaxy Watch. Make sure they match at the point. Watch3 came after the original and there was no Watch2 in between (although there was a Galaxy Watch Active2).

Samsuang Galaxy Z Fold3Galaxy Z Fold2

All this information comes from DisplaySearch’s Ross Young, who provided accurate details about smartphone screens in the past. He also mentions the fact that Xiaomi is currently working on three foldable ones instead of two. One of those folds, the other fold, and finally the clamshell type. Given how Xiaomi devices are usually cheaper than Samsung devices, they should all be on the market in 2021. This will be a very exciting year before us.


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