Ford will launch Mustang GT and Mustang Mach-E in accordance with the improvement plan for India

Jaiveer Mehra

Back to 2019, We first reported that Ford is considering launching Mustang Mach-E for India. Now, when announcing the cessation of local production, Ford India has also confirmed that it will launch Mach-E in our market.

The electric crossover will be introduced as a CBU, and its announcement is undoubtedly to support the company’s statement that it will only conduct business in India through imported high-end models.

The American automaker also revealed that Mach-E will be sold together with the long-awaited Mustang GT relaunch.

  • Ford India’s new product line only includes CBU imports
  • Mustang GT is also expected to be launched

Anurag Mehrotra, General Manager of Ford India, said at the round table: “The purpose is to bring differentiated products. We believe that starting from the Mustang series, Mustang coupe and Machine-E will truly help us stand out from the market and provide sustainable , Profitable business.”

Mehrotra talked about the company’s performance in the Indian market, emphasizing that the brand has achieved greater success through models that stand out rather than “my products.”

Will be sold through a smaller network

Since the business only includes high-end imports, it is expensive, and Ford’s sales network will undoubtedly be much smaller, limited to large cities. With this, the company must also adjust its business model and operations to maintain its position as a niche high-end player, just like the Italians have done in our market, will Ford retain its corporate sales business or go Dealer route. There is no doubt that this is a challenge, but Ford believes it can do this task.

“If you remember, as early as 2015, when we launched Mustang at the F1 circuit (Cape Verde International Circuit), we got a lot of attention from our customers, and we sold out products very quickly. We produce approximately 100 per year. -150 units.”

Mehrotra said: “We believe that the market needs high-quality, high-quality, outstanding products and true blue muscle cars, as some of you said, they are full of Ford DNA.”

Ford Mustang Mach-E: details

Mustang Mach-E World premiere in 2019 The motor output can be selected in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configuration, ranging from the basic rear-wheel drive 270hp model to the top 487hp all-wheel drive Mustang Mach-E GTThere are also two battery packs-a 68kWh unit can provide up to 370 kilometers of cruising range or a larger 88kWh battery pack, with a cruising range of up to 491 kilometers in the US EPA cycle, depending on the motor configuration. It is too early to speculate which variant of Mach-E might head to India.

Ford will bring electrified models in the future

In addition to the Mustang family, Ford also looks at other models in the Indian market. Following his comment on Mustangs Mehrotra, he said: “After that, the real purpose is to take advantage of the increasing number of futuristic, electrified, connected, and always-on products in the global product portfolio, and by bringing these products to India .”

Although the all-electric Mach-E falls into this range, Ford’s current EV series also includes the F-150 Lightening, which is an electrified version of its F-150 pickup truck popular in the North American market.Earlier this year, the brand revealed Plans to develop two new electric vehicle platforms By 2030, it will be used for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models, which will cover the full range of Ford models including advertising, pickups and SUVs.The brand is also developing a secondary Mustang Mach-E crossover Based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platformThe two companies have signed an agreement Global alliance 2019 will see two brands jointly develop electric vehicles.

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