Ford Ford Argentina’s EcoSport will be provided by Chennai plant

Akbar Merchant

Ford will soon start exporting the EcoSport SUV made in India to the Argentine market in South America. The EcoSport produced at Ford’s Chennai plant is sold in multiple right-hand drive and left-hand drive markets, such as the United States and Mexico.

  • EcoSport made in India will be sold in Argentina

  • Only equipped with 1.5-liter gasoline engine

  • EcoSport will undergo a major update later this year

Ford’s Chennai plant has always been the main manufacturing center for the brand, not only in India, but also in the international market that sells Ford products made in India. Since the past ten years, EcoSport made in India has been exported to the world, and as described here, it will soon be sold in Argentina. EcoSport has become a popular product for Ford in the South American market. The company recently announced a major reorganization, including stopping the production of EcoSport and other products in its Brazilian plant, which are also supplied to a number of South American markets, including Argentina.

Faced with continued demand, Ford has now decided to continue selling EcoSport in Argentina and will replace the discontinued Brazilian version with substitutes provided by Ford India. Ford will import 1.5-liter gasoline-powered EcoSport from India and supply it to the Argentine market in a left-hand drive way.

Sources told us that EcoSport exported from India may be sold in more South American markets in the future.As we reported earlier, close Ford’s Brazilian manufacturing operations (Part of the main reorganization, which also includes Cancellation of joint venture with Mahindra in India), EcoSport and Figo models will gradually help Ford’s business in India, because the brand will export more Indian-made products in certain markets where there is still demand, for example, Argentina is currently one of them. Ford is currently also building EcoSport in Thailand and Romania together with Thailand.

For a long time, EcoSport has been Ford’s most popular product. The replacement time is very long. Although there will be no news about EcoSport’s comprehensive replacement model soon, the model that is about to undergo a major update may be launched sometime this year.Ford recently launched EcoSport SE In India, a clean tailgate design is used, similar to the one sold in the United States.

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