Ford EcoSport facelift announced canceled

Akbar Merchant

with Ford Decide Stop manufacturing cars locally in India, Planned to introduce Eco-sports faceliftThose who have been found to be tested many times have been cut off. If the EcoSport facelift, which is undergoing testing, is launched, it will be the second facelift for an SUV since its launch in India in 2013.

  • Ford EcoSport facelift cannot enter dealerships
  • Ford stops local car manufacturing
  • Will only sell fully imported cars and SUVs in India

EcoSport has always been the most popular Ford ever in India. In fact, it started the compact SUV trend in India when it was launched in June 2013. With EcoSport, Ford became one of the first SUVs in India to receive the government’s consumption tax concessions for cars under 4 meters. Since then, EcoSport has been accompanied by a variety of machinery, equipment and appearance updates. SUV is also for Receive Mahindra’s 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine As an alternative to the EcoBoost power plant, but due to the two companies’ decision Part ways Earlier this year.

EcoSport has always been the main pillar of Ford’s Indian business, not only because of its outstanding performance in India in the first few years, but also in the export market, becoming one of the first Indian-made compact SUVs sold in multiple European markets. Since 2018, Ford has even begun to manufacture a left-hand drive version of the EcoSport in Chennai and sell it in North America.Ford recently started exporting EcoSport to Argentina and other markets After Ford announced the closure of its local manufacturing operations in Brazil and other markets, Brazil was the main production center for EcoSport sold in the region.

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