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Howdy guys, Hope you all are good, I have been getting a quote on people having an issue with their Woozone plugin where they are not able to see the images of any products they are using or importing.

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I got a fix for that also have faced the same issue as you all are facing on not getting any images while importing the products from wzone plugin, after analyzing I found out that the issue was with the theme core functionality where it was making URL source set issue, I am sharing the code here to help you fix it.

add_filter( 'wp_calculate_image_srcset', '__return_false' );

There are two ways to to add this code:

Step 1:
  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Click on Plugins.
  • Click on the add plugin.
  • Search for “custom Code”.
  • Install & activate it.
How to install a plugin in wordpress
How to ativate a plugin in WordPress
  • Enter the code mentioned above here and hit Save button.
Step 2:
  • Go to Hosting Provider.
  • Go to file Manager
  • Go To “Wp-content”
  • Go to “Themes”
  • Go to your “Active Theme”
  • Edit “Functions.php”
  • Save and check again.
How to edit functions.php of wordpress website

Hurray ! hope your issue has been solved do comment and let me know if it it solved.

Love you 3000

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