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I’ve heard reports of launching my own ISP chip in vivo, but today I finally got a formal confirmation from the company. The Vivo Imaging Chip V1 is official, with the goal of elevating your company’s smartphone photography qualifications.

The official press release does not reveal technical information about the ISP, but states that it is the company’s first breakthrough milestone in independent R & D and chip design.

A marketing message from the Vivo Communications Office revealed that V1 has been developed by an R & D team of over 300 people for 24 months. This post-achievement approach has four strategic directions: image system, operating system, industrial design, and performance.

According to Hu Baishan, Executive VP and COO of vivo, the V1 chip can better meet the needs of its users by “optimizing the appearance of the viewfinder and smartphone application scenarios such as video recording.”

Hubaishan, Executive VP and COO at vivo

The official vivo press message didn’t say when V1 would appear on smartphones, but Hu Baishan is a Chinese website that comes with the vivo X70 series, due out on September 9th. I’m checking at.

The new ISP expects to debut on the Vivo X70 Pro + smartphone, which will be the top member of the new premium lineup.

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