Fiat Pulse SUV interior exposed

Jaiveer Mehra

As early as May, Fiat revealed for the first time its new Pulse mid-size SUV Targeting the South American market. However, at the time Fiat only shared the external images of its new SUV, while the interior was kept secret. Now, the automaker has shared photos of the interior of the SUV, showing the clean and tidy cabin.

  • The clean dashboard is dominated by a 10.1-inch touch screen
  • Patterned decorative strips divide the dashboard in two

Fiat Pulse: Interior

The Pulse cab seems to keep pace with the times. The clean dashboard is divided into two by chrome strips, and patterned contrasting panels flow into the doors. The stand-alone 10.1-inch touch screen is located on the top of the center console. A small 7.0-inch display is located in the instrument case. When it starts, the display will spell out the name of the SUV, and the words will pulsate almost like reading a heartbeat.If you press the red sport button on the steering wheel, the dial will also change the graphics

There are some physical switches in the lower part of the center console for some basic functions. These include dials for turning on the air conditioner, internal and external air circulation, temperature and volume, suggesting that the touch screen may contain a large number of functions.

Fiat revealed some other details about the cabin.

Fiat Pulse: What you need to know

As a mid-size SUV for the South American market, Fiat revealed the Pulse as an unnamed SUV in early May 2021, and the official name was announced about a month later. This SUV is built on a modular platform and will be powered by a variety of gasoline engines, including a pair of turbo gasoline engines-a 128-horsepower 1.0-liter turbocharged engine and a larger 1.3-liter turbocharged engine.

Although Pulse will not come to India Stellantis Jeep and Citroen brands focusing on the domestic market.

Under the leadership of Stellatis, India is planning to launch three new SUVs, including the Jeep three-row SUV, Citroen CC21 compact SUV , And will become a derivative of CC21 Jeepya four-meter SUV For our market.

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