Ferrari 812 Competizione performance enhancement technology introduction

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The Ferrari 812 is one of the most desirable and flexible supercars. The super GT and high-performance supercars you can drive almost every day, with its front mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V12 and incredible rear-wheel drive traction, which provide excellent performance and emotional connection like a few others. .

right now, Ferrari A harder version of the car has been released, with stronger performance and turning ability. These are the six key methods for 812 Competizione to improve performance.

  • The Ferrari 812 Competizione gets an 830 hp 6.5-liter engine with a speed increase to 9,500 rpm
  • Acquire many aerodynamics skills learned in Formula 1 to increase downforce
  • Rear wheel steering system can make left and right rear wheels steer independently

Engine speed is close to 10,000rpm

Ferrari’s lineup has always had a naturally aspirated V12. In order to increase the engine speed to 9,500rpm and maintain engine integrity, major redesigns were made to several areas. The titanium connecting rod that fixes the piston to the crankshaft is reduced by 40% to reduce mass, the piston pin is coated with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to reduce friction, and the air intake has been shortened to help air flow into the cylinder head.

Get the finger follower for the Formula One engine

Engine valve springs tend to “bounce” at high engine speeds. This leads to undesirable airflow and combustion, and reduces the power produced.and so 812 CompetitionLike some superbikes, they now have high speeds and now have sliding steel finger followers, which are derived from Ferrari’s F1 experience. They help to improve the accuracy of the valve, so that the valve can function without losing contact, so more power can be generated at the same engine speed.

The engine recognizes the octane number of the fuel

In order to ensure that the engine always runs with the highest thermodynamic efficiency, the ECU and electronic architecture have the ability to recognize the octane number of the fuel used. This allows it to adjust the timing with higher accuracy, again actively increasing power. The ion sensing system can also measure spark levels and help control ignition timing. The engine has both single-spark and multi-spark functions.

Acquiring aviation technology from Formula One

The hot air in the 812 Competizione radiator is sent from the vents on both sides of the engine cover through the shutters on the wings. Facts have proved that this method is so effective that designers can reduce the openings in the bottom of the car body and smooth the airflow at the bottom, thereby generating greater downforce. All this translates to a 10% increase in the cooling efficiency of the engine, and the hot air is guided along the side wings until it finally merges with the car’s wake. Ferrari has also reduced the resistance in the wheel arches, which is another extremely important area involving resistance. To this end, it added two holes in the wheel arches to ventilate the rear of the car.

Pre-installed “air brake” calipers

812 Competizione received Ferrari’s new forward “Aero” calipers.The technology debuts SF90 Stradale It also contains an air inlet integrated into its casting. The cold air captured by the opening on the side of the bumper is directed to the air intake on the caliper, thereby creating an air flow.Compared to brakes 812 Superfast, The operating temperature is reduced by about 30 degrees Celsius, and the pedal feel can be improved even under strong braking.

The left and right rear wheels can be steered independently

812 Competizione debut FerrariIndependent four-wheel steering system. This new technology can manipulate the right rear wheel and the left rear wheel separately rather than synchronously. This greatly improves stability and cornering performance, which the engineer says can increase your confidence when you “tilt” the outer rear tires.

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