Ecosport Clone BYD Yuan Pro makes electric vehicles more affordable in China

Saptarshi Mondal

The Chinese car market is notorious for producing imitations of many popular cars. Chinese car manufacturer BYD recently launched the Yuan Pro in the domestic market, and by the way, it looks very similar to the Ford Ecosport. The BYD Yuan Pro is an all-electric compact SUV designed to make it easier for less affluent customers to use electric vehicles, even according to local standards.

  • BYD Yuan Pro is aimed at small families looking for cheap electric cars
  • A single charge can provide a range of 301-401 kilometers, depending on the model
  • Although quite affordable, it is equipped with appropriate technology inside

BYD Yuan Pro: exterior design and interior

BYD Yuan Pro is designed in accordance with the company’s so-called “Dragon Face 3.0” design language.Except for some specific details, the overall outline of Yuan Pro is consistent with Ford Eco Sports, Especially when viewed in profile. Even the spare tire mounted on the tailgate at the rear seems to have been inspired by Ecosport. However, it is known for its closed grille for electric vehicles, more stylish headlights and taillights, and smoother character lines.

Although it is positioned as an affordable product, Yuan Pro does not scream economical cars in terms of interiors. More importantly, it has its own unique interior design, which is completely different from Ecosport’s interior. The biggest highlight is the 10.1-inch infotainment screen and 8-inch digital instrument panel. The interior color is lighter, giving a high-end feel. The top interior is equipped with safety features such as ABD, EBD, EBA, TCS, ESP, etc.

BYD Yuan Pro: Powertrain options

It must be pointed out that the BYD Yuan Pro sold in China is slightly longer than the Ford Ecosport under four meters sold in India, at 4.37 meters. It is powered by an electric motor mounted on the front axle, which can generate 136hp and 210Nm of peak torque.

Yuan Pro is available in three models in China. The basic model is equipped with a 38.9kWh battery and can provide a range of 301 kilometers (NEDC). The other two models are equipped with a larger 50.1 kWh battery, which can provide an NEDC range of 401 kilometers. An interesting fact about the Yuan Pro battery technology is that it uses BYD’s modern “blade” lithium iron phosphate battery, which is said to be less flammable even if it is punctured.

Ford’s EcoSport plan in India

Not only in India, but also globally, EcoSport remains an important Ford model and will gain Another cosmetic update In the next few months. The model is manufactured in India and sold in multiple markets including North and South America.

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