Driving a Mercedes-AMG GT R at a speed of 0-300 km/h in NATRAX-features

Hormazd Sorabjee

0-100kph is one of our most important indicators. We occasionally manage 0-200kph, but to achieve this goal requires more. More roads, more power. Timing 0-300kph is something we have never done before. But here, on this track, with a supercar like the Mercedes-AMG GT R, we should manage it.

Now, it is one thing to cross 200kph and run to 250kph, and then when the conditions are right, carefully push 300kph. However, maintaining a steady accelerator from zero to 300kph is another matter entirely. You need to have the right apron, the right conditions and the right car. And this is what we have.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the national car test track outside Indore or NATRAX’s new 11.3 km high-speed bowl. This track is unique in the country and ranks among the best anywhere. Its slope is so gradual, geometrically perfect and so smooth that it’s hard to tell when you transition from a straight to a ramp and back again. This part depends on the size. Each bank consists of a parabola nearly three kilometers long; the radius is one kilometer!

The transition to the bank was very smooth, and the car remained very stable even at high speeds.

It’s not just size. Dr. N Karuppaiah is the head of NATRAX. He has been involved since the establishment of the facility and is now the head. He said that the track is also flat and smooth. So smooth, in fact, it has a neutral speed of 250kph, below which there is almost no need to correct or adjust the steering.

How flat is the plane? Incredibly, the longitudinal slope measured around the track is zero degrees. You have almost never got such a flat highway. In order to keep the track at the same level over the entire length, civil engineers must walk down 30m in some places and build 7m high embankments in others. Therefore, the error tolerance around the track is only +/- 3 mm. No wonder you can remove your hands from the steering wheel and still have no panic attacks.

This is why almost any car can be used here to the fullest, even the giant GT R with a Spitfire 585-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine. What’s more shocking is that you can easily reach V-max; there are no tight steering movements, no clenched fists, and no white knuckles. Let’s get started directly. The start control is activated, and when I remove my left foot from the brake and depress the accelerator, there will be a brief wheel slip. Soon after, 295 rear tires began to be excavated, and then gravity was generated. When the speed of 100kph was completed quickly in 3.69 seconds, I was pushed back into my seat, and we exceeded 200kph in 10.99 seconds, and then started the long journey to 300kph. 0-200kph only needs 385m, and 0-300kph needs more than 2km, which takes 33.03 seconds in total.

Mercedes-AMG GT R specifications
Price 2.64 crore
Length/width/height 4551/2075/1284mm
Wheelbase 2630mm
engine V8, 3982cc, twin-turbo gasoline
strength 585 horsepower at 6250 rpm
Torque 700Nm at 1900-5500rpm
Gearbox 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Curb quality 1630 kg
0 to 100 km/h 3.6 seconds
Maximum speed 319 km*

This is largely related to the fact that after 200 km/h, aerodynamic drag becomes an important factor. To make matters worse, this relationship is not linear. Bernoulli’s equation (which roughly helps define the amount of resistance at different speeds) shows that resistance is proportional to the square of the speed. In short, the speed is doubled and the resistance is quadrupled. Therefore, although the weight of the car remains the same, the air load (or resistance) that the car engine must push becomes larger and larger. At more than 200 km/h, the GT R is really passing through a wall that feels like dense air.

In such a stable and fast car, 300kph is not a big challenge.

Interestingly, the long straights on the track also help to improve accuracy. Most of our runs from 0-300kph were recorded on straights and did not see the adverse effect of tilt on performance. This does mean that we entered the bank at a speed of over 300kph, but the track is very good, with a little skill, you can even maintain 300kph here. However, returning to normal speed feels surreal. 200kph just feels pretty fast, when I reach 100kph, it feels like we are crawling.

To understand the speed of the GT R over the entire range, check out our attached data sheet-the relationship between speed, time and distance makes reading very interesting.

All in all, NATRAX’s high-speed bowl is simply a modern engineering miracle, and it will take India’s car testing to a new level. In addition, with an invitation letter and suitable hardware on its doorstep, the incredible new high-speed track may be your ticket to the 300kph club. In fact, it is so good that many records of the highest speed will undoubtedly be set here.

Mercedes-AMG GT R 0-300kph acceleration
Speed ​​(km/h) Time (seconds) Distance (m)
20 kilometers per hour 0.76s 2.3m
40 kilometers per hour 1.40s 7.92m
60 kilometers per hour 2.06s 17.49m
80km/h 2.84s 33.22m
100km/h 3.69s 55.48m
120km/h 4.75s 89.25m
140km/h 6.00s 136.18m
160km/h 7.39s 196.78m
180km/h 9.12s 281.87
200 kilometers per hour 10.99s 385.17
220km/h 13.32s 527.04
240km/h 16.32s 726.34
260km/h 19.99s 992.47m
280km/h 25.52s 1425.6m
300km/h 33.03s 2058.87m

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