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Notably, diesel vehicles are set to get more expensive from April 1, 2023, due to stricter emission norms.

Published On Oct 15, 2022 08:30:00 AM

Hyundai Creta front quarter

I have a budget of around Rs 12 lakh-14 lakh and have shortlisted and booked the Hyundai Creta diesel. Now, however, I am having second thoughts about the life of diesel cars. I will primarily be using the vehicle outside the Delhi-NCR region but will have a couple of monthly trips to Delhi. According to my calculations, going for a diesel for fuel economy will cover the premium I’ll be paying over a petrol car in around four years. Can I go in for the diesel Creta ?

Faiz Ahmed, Delhi

Autocar India says: If you’re driving outside the NCR region, then don’t worry about purchasing a diesel as the fuel is here to stay in some vehicles in India. The Creta’s diesel offers good efficiency and smooth performance, and, in fact, the 1.5 diesel – which also powers the Kia Seltos – is one of the best diesels around.

Another point to note is that diesels are set to get more expensive from April 1, 2023, when regulations become stricter and diesel technology will have to be upgraded to meet the new norms. So, you would be well advised to go in for the Creta diesel.

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