Citroen begins to deliver the C5 Aircross SUV ordered online

Jaiveer Mehra

Citroen has begun to provide C5 Aircross home delivery services to customers who purchase SUVs through Citroen’s online digital retail platform. The automaker launched its digital retail platform when Aircross was launched. Delivery of the C5 Aircross ordered through dealers is also in full swing.

  • The first online order cars delivered in Surat, Hyderabad and Chandigarh
  • Delivery through the showroom will begin in April 2021
  • Provide online ordering and home delivery services for more than 50 cities

Citroen said that under its online retail platform, customers can choose to customize their vehicles, as well as use financing options, used car transactions, access to digital sales consultants and register vehicles. Depending on the location, the vehicle is either delivered by a local La Maison dealer or a partner designated to handle the last mile delivery in a city where the dealer has not yet opened.

“In some cities where we have dealers, our dealers are still our delivery partners. Therefore, all vehicle deliveries are done through the dealers. At non-dealer locations, we have other partners, such as Carwale, who Delivery of the last mile in some cities,” said Saurabh Vatsa, head of Citroen’s India brand, at the roundtable.

The first C5 Aircross purchased digitally has been delivered in Surat and Chandigarh, and Vatsa added that similar deliveries have also been completed in Hyderabad.

“All these customers who came in came from non-dealer locations,” Vatsa commented on orders received through Citroen’s online channels.

The automaker said that under its online procurement platform, customers will deliver vehicles directly from the factory at their doorsteps and complete registration.

As sales grow, automakers focus on strengthening services

When answering questions about the scale of delivery, Vatsa said that the company has launched a scalable online retail service. “As the volume of transportation increases, the last mile delivery will also increase as the volume of transportation increases. We don’t see this as a challenge because we have partners in various cities,” he said.

He added that as the scale expands, the presence of dealers in more cities will increase, with each dealer acting as a delivery partner in and outside the city.Since its launch, Citroen has Retailed 230 Aircross In the month of launch (April 2021), a total of 41 cars were sold in May 2021.

In addition to the C5 Aircross, the C-Cube model series will be the next model produced by the brand in India. The first product will be a compact SUV, which will be launched in India sometime next year.

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