Cars and SUVs equipped with 6 or more airbags are sold in India for less than Rs 4 million

Saptarshi Mondal

The unremitting efforts of the Indian government to improve road and vehicle safety are witnessed Dual airbags become mandatory It will be applicable to all new cars from April 2021, and it will be applicable to existing models from December this year.

Although Indian road users are becoming more aware of higher car safety standards, the government seems to be providing the necessary push at the same time.Recently, Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highway Union, urged manufacturers to launch Six airbags as standard And improve the safety factor of its passenger cars.

Although most cars and SUVs are equipped with dual airbags as standard, and six airbags still feel very new, here, let’s take a look at all vehicles currently priced under Rs 4 lakh that offer six or more safety Mass market car manufacturer of airbags.


The French car manufacturer entered the Indian market this year, and currently only one model is on sale—— C5 Aircross. C5 Aircross came to India as CBU, all models are equipped with six airbags. The basic feel of the C5 Aircross is priced from Rs 3.03 lakh, with six airbags as standard.


The American automaker does seem to put safety first, because it is equipped with six airbags on all models in India.even FordEntry-level models such as Figo, Yearn for with Freestyle Install six airbags on higher-spec interiors, which none of their competitors provide.this Ecological movement Comparable to its market segment, there are six airbags on the higher trim.this Forge ahead Starting from the basic version, seven airbags have raised it by a notch. Ford Figo’s Titanium Blu gasoline version is the most affordable Ford model, equipped with 6 airbags, and is priced at Rs 727,000.


come HondaIs stable, it’s just city Starting from the mid-size VX trim, it is equipped with six airbags, while the basic trim is equipped with four airbags. The mid-size City VX trim is priced at Rs 1.262 lakh.Other Honda such as jazz, WR-V And recently Update surprise There are only two airbags.


modern It has one of the most extensive product portfolios on the market and is also a model equipped with up to six airbags.even though site with i20, This is a relatively affordable car that provides six airbags on a higher-spec trim.To further expand the scope, all models include Verna, Elantra, Creta, Alcazar, Tucson with Kona Electric Six airbags are standard. The most affordable Hyundai equipped with 6 airbags is the i20 Asta(O) interior, which starts at 941,000 rupees.


jeep There is only one model with a price of less than Rs 4 million- Compass buggy -It gets six airbags from the mid-spec Limited Opt trim, with a starting price of Rs 2.269 lakh.even though WranglerThe price is much higher than Rs 4 million, and there are only four airbags.


These two Sertos with Sonne The SUV is equipped with six airbags on the higher-spec trim, which aligns them with their respective market segments.this Carnival MPV Six airbags were also obtained from the decoration of the medium specifications. Sonet’s GTX trim, starting at Rs 1,219 lakhs, is the most affordable Kia With 6 airbags.


Mahindra In recent years, security has also been strengthened. Mahindra’s smallest SUV—— XUV300 -Obtained six airbags and a global NCAP 5-star rating.At the same time, Mahindra’s brand new Flagship XUV700 Raise safety to a whole new level. Not only will it be equipped with seven airbags on a higher interior, but it will also set a new benchmark for safety through the ADAS function in this price range. The XUV300’s top W8 Option trim, priced at Rs 1.17 lakh, is the most affordable Mahindra with more than six airbags.

MG Motor

MG Has been placing heavy bets on the safety of its models, in addition to providing first-class ADAS functions, Gloucester, All MG SUVs including Hector, Hectorga, Zhongshan Electric Vehicle There are six airbags on the top-specification decoration of Gloster and Gloster. In fact, Gloster and ZS EV have six airbags starting from the entry-level model. Hector’s top Sharp trim is the most affordable MG, with six airbags, starting at Rs 1.869 lakh.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors In recent years, they have also improved safety.This local automaker has a reputation for making sturdy cars, which range from budget hatchbacks (such as Tiago There are more expensive models. Although Tata’s entry model does not have six airbags, they still have a 4 or 5 star safety rating from Global NCAP.this Harrier with SafariAt the same time, it has the right to brag about six airbags on higher-level decorations. Harrier gets six airbags from its XZ trim at a price of Rs 1.835 million, which is the most affordable six airbags from Tata.


Again, safety is the top priority Toyota And, who provides up to seven airbags Yaris, Innovative crystal with God of Wealth. As for Camry, It has a total of nine airbags, the most one car is less than 4 million rupees. In fact, Gransa with City cruiserIt is a badge-designed model of Maruti Suzuki, and is the only model in the automaker’s series that does not provide at least six airbags. Yaris is decorated with V (optional) and is priced at Rs 1.239 million, making it the most affordable Toyota car in India, equipped with more than six airbags.


SkodaThe recently launched Kushaq is in its market segment, with six airbags on a higher trim.At the same time, Skoda’s more expensive models, such as superb And top specifications Octavia Eight airbags are provided. At the same time, the entry-level Octavia has six airbags. Kushaq is naturally the most affordable Skoda, equipped with six airbags on its top-specification Style decoration, priced at 1.459 million rupees.


Just like Skoda Kushak, Volkswagencoming soon Taijun A higher specification version will also be equipped with six airbags. at the same time, Dapeng with Tiguan AllSpace, Brought into the country as a single full-load decorated CBU, and six airbags are also provided as a standard configuration. Before Taigun was launched, the T-Roc was the most affordable Volkswagen car with six airbags and a starting price of Rs 2.135 million.

Car manufacturers that do not provide 6 airbags in India

It’s worth mentioning here that automakers like Maruti Suzuki, Nissan with Renault In India, any of their models should not provide more than two airbags.Model such as dust collector, Kick, Chaz, S-cross, Breza, Kiger with magnetite All of these exist in the market segment where competitors offer 6 airbags, but they do not.

Provide six airbag cases

Earlier this month, when Nitin Gadkari met with representatives of the Association of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), he urged all car manufacturers to mandatorily provide at least 6 airbags in all vehicle variants and market segments.

Installing additional airbags will definitely improve the crash safety of the vehicle, but there are also many challenges. On the one hand, the additional costs will be huge, especially in the budget part. The price of front airbags for entry-level cars ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees, while the price of side and curtain airbags may be twice that. In addition, the installation of these airbags will involve extensive redesigns of cars that were not originally intended to provide this level of protection.

In fact, most manufacturers offer six airbags in at least some of their models, although most are reserved for later versions.More technology-led security systems, such as Electronic stability control (ESC) will become a mandatory requirement for automobiles by 2023. The provision of six airbag steps can greatly improve the safety factor and create a competitive environment in the mature Indian passenger car market.

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