Carlos Ghosn was ordered by the Dutch court to repay 5 million euros to Nissan

Nishmanya Bahadur

The Dutch court has ordered the former president of the court RenaultNissan-Mitsubishi Alliance-Carlos Ghosn (Carlos Ghosn) will repay EUR 5 million (approximately Rs 44,474 million) to the Amsterdam-based joint venture Nissan-Mitsubishi BV (NMBV). This amount is equal to the payments Ghosn received from NMBV from April to November 2018.

  • This is Carlos Ghosn’s first international legal case to be adjudicated
  • His defense team will appeal the ruling
  • His troubles with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance began in 2018

According to the Dutch court, due to the lack of an employment contract between Ghosn and NMBV, the former CEO is not entitled to any remuneration or salary for the period from April to November 2018. This is the first case between Carlos Ghosn and Nissan in many international laws.

Naturally, the defense team representing Carlos Ghosn will appeal this ruling of the Dutch court. The defense team also stated that this ruling was made by the court and that it did not hear Ghosn’s statements or inspect any major witnesses.It’s worth noting that Carlos Ghosn also Sued Nissan and Mitsubishi for 15 million euros, Claiming that he followed improper procedures when he was removed as chairman.

The Carlos Ghosn case: a brief history

So far, here is a quick review of Carlos Ghosn’s deal with Alliance. In November 2018, Ghosn was arrested by the Japanese authorities on charges Underreported his salary And use company assets for personal use. He was released by the authorities until he was arrested again in December 2018. Release is postponed Many times before being bail In March 2019.The bail is short-lived because the former CEO was Arrested again in April 2019 Prosecuted for new charges of financial misconduct. After being placed under house arrest for the next few months, Carlos Ghosn fled Japan He was imprisoned on December 31, 2019. Since then, he has been living in Lebanon-he is currently receiving asylum in the country.


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