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Byd Atto 3 Unscripted & Uncensored Driving & Experience | 521Km Range EV? | Torque Nm

Hey Guys this video is unscripted & uncensored with showroom & drive experience if you want to watch the first look & every detail of the car visit. –> Here 

We visited the BYD showroom today and checked out the Grey color Atto 3 they had on display. I must say the car is quite a stunner from the outside, as expected. And to my surprise, I did not find the (quirky) interior too bad either, as I had anticipated. It’s just… you know… ‘different’.

Good Factor:

  • Good aerodynamic design.
  • Good sound system.
  • Great screen (cannot be tilted towards the driver though).
  • Comfy Seats.
  • The rear legroom is good (+flat floor as it is an EV-first design).
  • The panoramic sunroof is expansive and great.
  • The four color choices are fantastic.
  • Loaded with Safety Tech (with 5* NCAP test rating).
  • Loaded with Comfort Features.
  • The suggested WLTP Range of 420 km is great and going by the rave reviews for the BYD E6 real-world range, I’m sure the Atto 3 will perform well too.

Misses Out:

  • Quirky interiors (most of which are unnecessary and could have been avoided) and hefty center console area (gear shift, buttons, etc).
  • Access to the rear seat is a bit narrow so ingress/egress for elders could be a slight issue
  • The Center screen cannot be tilted towards the driver, hampering readability.
  • Under-thigh support could be a bit better, but I assume all EVs will have this issue due to battery placement in the floor (which results in less seat-to-floor height).
  • Messy bonnet compartment (just like MG ZS EV, with lots of wires, parts, and wasted space) – they could have easily made a small frunk (which would have also kept it tidy).
  • The showroom was buzzing with customers – surely looks like a winner!


So if they price this is sold under (30 lakhs), it could be a segment best car within no time – owing to a combination of great looks, great performance(0-100 in 7.3 secs), great real-range(WLTP 420 ), great safety (NCAP 5*) and great warranty package …hard to top these many!

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