byd atto 3 first look by meezankhan

Byd Atto 3 First look | Key observations after checking it out Likes & Dislikes |

Tech giant BYD has introduced the Atto 3, which is their second EV in the passenger segment. It gets a lot of tech packed inside and the famous Blade battery tech as well. Meezan Khan gets the first impression.


  • Really loved the looks of the exterior, definitely a head-turner.
  • Interiors too feel super-premium, with soft cushions everywhere, be it the dashboard, the door unlock knob, centre storage etc. Not at all repulsive or ugly as previously thought.
  • The SA says they want to keep the waiting period at no more than 2 months for the car. After the initial 500 units are delivered, the next 500 will be planned to be delivered within 2 months of order. “Apparently”
  • Main infotainment display looks super nice and clean, with smooth operation. I didn’t get to use much of it but it felt good.
  • The sound system felt good too, enough for my taste in music.


  • I am 6’2″ and the driver’s side felt a bit tight/congested for me, not sure why. Adjusting the seat all the way down compromised a bit on the on-road viewing angles. A test drive is needed to properly understand what’s going on here.
  • Non-ventilated seats are a big miss at this price point, if not heated, cooled seats for India is a must-have these days.
  • No memory seats even though the driver seat has mechanical adjustment. Could have been an easy addition.
  • The instrument cluster display is too small for my liking, feels like some cheap toy display. The software and the UI doesn’t help either. looks too tacky and “Chinese”.
  • No frunk is a major disappointment, even with loads of free space. They just left it empty for some reason(cost cutting?).


  • No info if the RVM is auto-dimming or not. SA said it’s not auto-dimming, but there wasn’t a manual button too to switch between dimmed/non-dimmed modes. A little confused here.
  • Nobody knows anything about pricing.
  • The SA said the warranty on the car is 3 years, but the BYD Atto3 announcement said the warranty on car parts is 6 years.
  • As the display units were Australian imports, they had some Atlas Batman tyres which didn’t get good reviews. SA wasn’t sure if Indian cars will get the same tyres. Hopefully not.

Overall a really good addition to the Indian EV space if priced right. Anything above 35L is DOA. 30L-32L feels like a decent buy. <30L will be an amazing buy(Zero chances).

Attaching some pictures I took with my superior photography skills:

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