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If you own a car or bicycle, of course you should also purchase third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance. Accidents may cause major losses to third-party individuals or their property. Your vehicle may also be damaged in the process. The first thing to do is to file a claim as soon as possible. In case this happens, please follow the procedures mentioned by your insurance company and submit the required documents in order to settle the claim quickly and easily. However, there are some common mistakes that may cause your claim to be rejected. This is the way to avoid them.

This Claim procedure It may seem easy, but you must follow the rules and submit mandatory documents to the claims team. The claims team investigates all claims from their end. Based on the results of the investigation, they prepare a report for the insurance company to approve or reject the claim. Approval and reporting by the claims team are important for any settlement. The team may reject your claim based on the following reasons:

1. Moving a vehicle

Before removing the vehicle from the scene of the accident, be sure to record the evidence, otherwise it may result in tampering with the evidence. Not only will your claim be rejected, but you may also have to pay for the loss. Any damages you ultimately pay means you will lose the no-claim bonus (NCB) provided by the insurance company. It may also result in low premiums being paid for the remaining period of the policy. If the insurance liability exceeds 20%, the NCB will be affected.

2. Avoid private negotiations

Don’t get involved in the blame game. It is very likely that you will be blamed by a third party, and the third party may refuse to take any responsibility for the accident. Or, he or she may behave reasonably at first, but only changed the color during the settlement of the claim. To avoid these situations, please avoid entering any private settlements. Arrange all evidence and witnesses who are willing to cooperate. You can write down their details and record their recommendations. Make sure they are ready to support you with facts when needed.

3. Don’t miss the evidence

Take photos and videos of damaged vehicles from all aspects and the surrounding environment. You can use this evidence when submitting an FIR (First Information Report) to the police. You may also need this evidence when making a claim. In addition, provide accurate information at the police station or when filing a claim, and explain whether it was your fault or a third party. The claims team will investigate the incident, and if their investigation results do not match the information you provided, they can refuse the claim.

In addition to recording the third-party detailed information such as the driver’s name, license, and license plate number, the brand and model of the third-party vehicle and the owner’s name should also be recorded. Indian insurance companies pay special attention to these details when reviewing your claim documents.

4. Don’t delay the process

If there is any damage to government vehicles or property or imported vehicles, or it is a hit-and-run case, or if pedestrians or cyclists are injured, you need to report to the police as soon as possible and submit FIR due to the accident. The same rules apply to any injury that requires hospitalization or vacation due to medical treatment.

If you are injured or in shock, the insurance company may make adjustments, but you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

If you miss any of the above requirements, the insurance company can legally reject your claim. Before making a claim, please read the rules of the claim policy on the policy document, especially the exclusion clause. You can also contact the insurance company’s claims department for more information.

Also, make sure to update your car insurance Avoid the rejection of the claim in time. If your insurance policy expires before you make a claim, you will not receive any claim amount.

5. Stay away from maintenance services provided by unauthorized service providers

Repair your car from any online garage or service center. All insurance companies have partnerships with garages and service centers. Don’t just go to any towing service or workshop because it is cheap. This may cause difficulties in the processing of your claim. Some insurance companies have a towing service hotline, so you can contact them in an emergency. In addition, please check whether your insurance company provides emergency assistance services for the insured. The insurance company may provide a free towing service that can pick up your vehicle from the scene of the accident and then park it on one of the network services. Please check these matters with your insurance company and keep this information at hand.

6. Avoid submitting incomplete documents

Continue to follow up your claim processing to avoid delays. If you do not show any interest, your insurance company may not be willing to resolve your claim quickly. Your claim may also be shelved due to the loss of certain documents. Unless you follow up, you will not know the status of your claim.

Please note that the claim is based on your policy type.For example, if you have Third-party auto insurance, You should not expect the insurance company to pay for repairing your car. You need a comprehensive insurance policy to cover your losses.

Similarly, if you apply for insurance for a damaged engine without an additional engine protection policy, your claim will be rejected.

The claim processing is carried out in the following way:

· You file a claim with the insurance company

· The company initiates the claims investigation procedure

· your Car insurance policy Be censored

· Assess loss

· Payment has been made to you

For the convenience of policyholders, some insurance companies provide personalized claims processing services. Others may have a one-stop center to make the claims process smoother. You must understand the process your insurance company follows in advance.

There are some basic rules to follow when driving a car by yourself or hiring a driver. These facts will also be considered during the claims process.

· Valid driving license and intoxication

In some accidents, both the insured’s car and the third party face heavy losses. If you are driving, you may be interrogated for holding a valid driver’s license during the incident. It will also check if you are driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.

· Car overload

Depending on the type of vehicle, a certain number of passengers are allowed to board the vehicle. If the vehicle is found to carry more passengers than the law allows in the accident, the insurance claim will be rejected. This has nothing to do with whether the driver is at fault.

in conclusion

Now that you understand the basic reasons for the denial of the claim, you should follow the correct way to settle the claim easily. If you find that the processing time for a car insurance claim is too long, please contact your insurance company. Don’t ignore or avoid it. In addition, understand the exclusions and complete the renewal on time to avoid being rejected due to non-renewal.

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