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For most buyers, especially first-time buyers of this legendary brand, buying Mercedes-Benz is a major event in life. After all, Mercedes is more than just a car-it is a special thing that is worth keeping for many years. However, considering the widespread belief that expensive luxury cars are expensive to operate and difficult to maintain, it can also be a bit daunting to consider buying expensive luxury cars. Even the most enthusiastic luxury car buyer, the thought of spending large sums of money to pay for repairs and replacement parts can be a deterrent.

With these concerns in mind, Mercedes-Benz is actively working to alleviate concerns about the operating costs of its cars and eliminate misconceptions about maintenance costs. The company provides its customers with a series of well-designed after-sales packages to help control long-term service and maintenance costs. Let us take a closer look at some of these initiatives.

StarEasy Service Package

Xingyi service product And the maintenance package is designed to give customers complete peace of mind, with model-based pre-defined maintenance costs, providing comprehensive protection against price increases. Customers can get exclusive advantages such as priority processing, shorter waiting times and faster processes. Through the “flexible plan”, customers can choose according to their personal needs. Coverage can range from as short as two years to 10 years of ownership. Owners can choose the Star Ease plan at any time from the moment of purchase until the fifth service of the car (planned to complete five years or 75,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier).

When using the Compact kit, the things that need to be handled include on-board electronic inspection (via XENTRY, an advanced diagnostic tool), replacement of engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid and coolant and other fluids, as well as replacement of consumables such as oil filters, air filters Cleaner, air-conditioning filter and transmission filter. The Compact Plus package includes all of the above, as well as replacement parts such as brake discs, brake pads and wiper blades. The kit also includes wheel alignment and balance, which can be extended up to 10 years or 200,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier.

For those who have not purchased any maintenance packages in the first five years of ownership, Mercedes-Benz will still serve you; you can still use the “extra value service” option of the selected model, which includes engine oil and filter replacement, And a full inspection as low as 12,999 rupees (plus GST).

Guarantee the extended warranty plan in advance

Provided by Daimler Financial Services India in cooperation with Reliance General Insurance India and ICICI Prudential Pre-guarantee plan Designed to help you enjoy your Mercedes-Benz carefree. According to this plan, the extended warranty period is effective after the standard three-year warranty period is completed. Buyers can also choose to extend it to 4day Years or up to 6day year. The advance warranty plan exceeds your expectations and provides a truly exciting car ownership experience by providing warranty extensions, where the warranty terms and conditions remain unchanged compared to the standard warranty terms.

If you miss the purchase of Advance Assurance before the standard three-year warranty expires, Mercedes-Benz can still provide you with protection. After the standard three-year warranty expires, you can purchase a certification guarantee, that is, a new run-in warranty, but certain terms and conditions must be met. This warranty plan covers your car 4day And 5day It operates and provides a series of services covering accidental repairs, the price is as low as Rs 12,623. In fact, this is lower than the price of a can of gasoline per year, which is excellent value for money.

The extended warranty program brings a series of exclusive services, including priority processing and fast insurance claims processing, which are respected at all Mercedes-Benz dealers across the country and can be transferred, which also increases the resale value of the car .

Mobilo 24×7 roadside assistance

Roads sometimes bring unpleasant surprises to travelers, and being trapped in a remote place can be troublesome.With Mobilo, the possibility of such incidents is easily reduced; customers are guaranteed 24×7 roadside assistance At the lowest cost, because a one-year subscription to Mobilo Plus costs only Rs 3,999-almost less than a good pair of shoes or a beautiful shirt! With Mobilo Plus, road assistance can be provided in more than 900 locations in India for a period of up to eight years, of which the first three years are free. Coverage includes comprehensive breakdown assistance, vehicle towing, taxi service and vehicle replacement, which really makes it a great value package.

Customers can also get Mobilo Lite, which provides 24×7 roadside assistance within one year after the Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer completes the service. This service extends to within 50 kilometers of the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer and provides the assistance of a well-trained technician in the event of a malfunction.

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