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On a warm Sunday in early April, as has been the case in the past year or so, there was not much activity on the roads of Mumbai. We are in the brand new modern Aura with our colleague Akbar Merchant. When we accompanied Akbar to the NESCO COVID-19 center in northern Mumbai, the large suitcase of this star car was filled with boxes of bottled water. For the past year or so, Akbar and his friends, businessmen Aman Alwani and Rajesh Ravjani, and others have been leading the city’s water supply project. “Last year’s lockdown across the country — and the ensuing immigration crisis — was the fuse. We knew we had to do everything we could to help,” Akbar said, as the new modern Aura briskly passed through the suburb . After the immigrants left the city, Akbar and his team continued to maintain their momentum, and so far have distributed more than 125,000 liters of water to approximately 15 COVID-19 centers and hospitals. “COVID-19 is clearly an eye-opener for thousands of people like us,” Akbar said. “Disasters and crises show the best in human nature.” This sentiment will resonate with Hyundai Motor India, which is leading the way in COVID-19 relief efforts.

The water distribution project is a response to the immigration crisis.

The new Hyundai Aura is not designed to carry hundreds of liters of water, but if it is imminent, it can do it, and even more-calm and calm. Modern multifunctional compact cars have loyal fans due to their lively nature and feature-rich interiors. Those layered curves and dual boomerang LED DRL undoubtedly help, as are the stylish Z-shaped LED tail lights and diamond-cut alloys. In terms of proportions, Hyundai, you would agree, it complements the halo. There is no doubt that the design has a sense of “fluidity”. In our humble opinion, the best way to view a car is from the front three-quarter angle, which brings out the new modern Aura coupe style design.

All New Hyundai Aura’s spacious boots can swallow several liters of bottled water.

The lively nature of the car we talked about is obvious, because the car’s 1.0-liter Kappa turbo GDi gasoline engine can generate 100PS, helping us drill holes in sparse but slow-moving traffic. (Aura is also equipped with refined 1.2-liter Kappa dual gasoline and powerful 1.2-liter U2 CRDi diesel. Of course, both engines have proven themselves many times.)

The cool “turbocharged” badge declares the promise of both ease of handling and fun.

Hyundai’s turbo gasoline engine is one of the most fuel-efficient engines around, and it is a winner. Some things are immediately obvious. This is a very lively customer who wants to leave, but at the same time, it is surprisingly quiet. Now, because the turbocharger appeared in the picture very early—about 1,800 rpm—you got a good, long power band. Of course, this helps in many places-from small alleys on the outskirts of Mumbai to wider roads leading out of the city. In addition, due to the combination of lightweight clutch and smooth gearbox, which is a major feature of modern cars, All New Aura is the favorite of those who like to drive. If you are looking for a car with driving pleasure and luxury, this is it. Now, if you add Hyundai Motor India’s Wonder Warranty, which comes with options of 3 years/1,00,000 km or 4 years/50,000 km or 5 years/40,000 km, and roadside assistance, you will agree that all New Aura is in town The best deal.

The city-friendliness of All New Hyundai Aura naturally shines in the numerous water distribution pipelines throughout the city.

Since the morning, we have been on the move, answering emergency calls from a small hospital, and regularly visiting officials at the COVID-19 center. “Now things have become easier, especially Mumbai manages the second wave better than other cities, but you never know,” Akbar said. All New Aura moves in and out of suburbs and COVID-19 centers with the agility and confidence that very few other cars have. The car embodies the vitality and power of the big city in its own way.

The Ismaili Civic team is still supplying water to COVID-19 hospitals and centers operated by the government of Mumbai.

Akbar is now joining Ismaili Civic with a team of volunteers, a global movement initiated by the Ismaili community to serve the wider community in which they live. “It reflects our common values ​​of civic participation ethics and service and care, especially for those disadvantaged groups,” Akbar said.

All New Hyundai Aura is home in big cities and wide highways.

The program was launched in May last year as a self-funded project, with a group of volunteers distributing water to an endless stream of immigrants who crowded the train station in Mumbai when they left their hometown. The team also provided support to police and security personnel at the Lokmanya Tilak terminal. Soon, as their efforts spread, not only did they have more volunteers to participate, but the community also joined in and injected funds. “An elderly community member provided his empty warehouse to store water, which helped a lot in logistics. In the first week, we received more than 8,000 immigrants,” Akbar said. When the wave of migrants leaving Mumbai subsided, volunteers contacted the COVID-19 hospitals run by the city government, which were still under construction and needed to provide drinking water for patients, doctors and other frontline workers. Today, they continued their efforts and won praise from the Buriham Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the Mayor of Mumbai. Dr. Nilam Andrade, Director of the NESCO Jumbo COVID-19 Center, said: “During this pandemic, the work done by the Ismaili Civic Mumbai team by delivering drinking water to multiple COVID-19 centers in the city is the most commendable. And exemplary” in Gorgon. “A few months ago, the team also launched an online fundraising event to assist in this work,” Aman said.

“Things are not as busy as last year,” Akbar said, but sometimes the team still receives calls for help.

Nowadays, SOS calls on their mobile phones may not be so frequent, because many COVID-19 centers in the city now have their own reverse osmosis factories, but Akbar and his team are on standby at any time until we get out of the predicament. Respond to any situation that may happen in the future. According to Akbar, the three had previous experience in several small social welfare projects, but the scale of the water distribution plan taught them something. “It takes a huge threat to make us realize that we are all interconnected, and if we stand together, we can move mountains,” Rajesh said. When we went home at night, we thought about this problem, and the car worked briefly on the empty street. The new Hyundai Aura’s cab is equipped with ergonomic luxury seats, a large 20.25 cm touch screen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, Akramys premium audio system, glove box cooling and wireless charging, which is absolutely relaxing while driving. It’s a great place, but it’s also quiet enough to reflect on the things around us. When the brand new Hyundai Aura crossed the mostly empty streets, we thought about a lot of things, especially how the trickle turned into a river.

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