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Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and hail are unpredictable, and you cannot take any measures to control or avoid them. In the past few years, different parts of India have witnessed severe floods, causing serious damage to lives and property. Specifically talking about car damage caused by floods, a comprehensive insurance policy for your car can help you deal with the situation easily and save a lot of time and money to repair your car.Comprehensive car insurance It also covers theft and other natural disasters.

To obtain insurance for your flooded vehicle:

If your car is partially or completely submerged in water, it means heavy losses and high maintenance costs. To apply for insurance, you must:

Avoid driving immediately

Although know Importance of car insurance It is necessary. If the vehicle is damaged due to flooding, you also need to be aware of the first thing. You may want to start your dive vehicle, but make no mistake. It will cause more damage to the engine, which may not be covered by the insurance policy. Therefore, it is best to let the car move and click on its photo. If you find any other damage, take a photo as well.

Notify the insurer as soon as possible

Floods can cause huge losses, which means that insurance companies may handle many claims in all aspects. Therefore, please notify the company as soon as possible and send your car to the service center immediately. You can contact the insurance company via email or call the customer service number. You need to fill out the car insurance claim form online, and you can attach photos as needed. You can also use their mobile app and do what you need. Don’t delay this process, because the longer it takes, the more likely it is that water will damage the car, and it may cause long-term damage. In addition, it is expected that insurance companies may need more time to process claims.

step Register an insurance claim:

1. Dial the landline or toll-free number of the car insurance company.

2. Share with the insurance company detailed information about your insurance policy and where the car parked during the flood.

3. Now, the company will provide a claim registration number, which you can use as a reference number.

4. You will get the scheduled pick-up time.

5. The insurance company will assign a car inspector to assess the damage to the car. Upon completion, the garage’s service team will be consulted and you will be informed of the claim amount for repairing the car. In addition, if there are repairs, you will also be informed of the repair costs that must be paid.

6. After clearing all the problems, sign the claim approval form and keep a copy for future use.

7. You will know when to repair the car and deliver it to you.

8. In cashless claims, the insurance company will pay directly to the garage service team. If you want to be reimbursed, you will have to pay, and the insurance company will compensate you for the same expenses.

Insurance companies make it easier to file and resolve claims. If you use Reliance car insurance in particular, you can expect a completely trouble-free process. Knowing these steps may come in handy and will allow you to file a claim as early as possible. Also, please remember that if the car is immersed in water, do not start the car, and update the four-wheeler insurance in time to continue to enjoy the extensive insurance.

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